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Breakfast Topic: What do you think of the Wintergrasp changes? {WoW}

May 21st 2009 12:12PM WoW Experience (and usual life) History repeats its self, so why should now be any different? If people like a good thing then it is the first to be nerfed.
In the beginning, there was AV, and it was good,
It got nerfed and then left for almost dead.
Then came the Eye, and it was good, not sure where its at but hey, at least its still useful.
Then they heard a voice "If you built it, they will come, they will come in droves, packs, and pairs, they will come from across Azeroth to experience it."
And experience it we did. Farms for gatherers, pve, and pvp. Everything in one big bundle. Everyone was awed by its greatness. It was not just good, it was like Jimmy Hendrix. Pvp'ers now want to pve, and vice versa, the tide had changed and a full moon was out showing everyone where to be.
And in a blink of an eye, history repeated.
Now here is the fun part: Blizz wanted to disable WG, yet on our server Steamwheedle Cartel, every 2.5 hours, the raids are still packed and there is now an even more epic battle than before they decided to nerf and "disable" WG. And everyone we are there with, the same thing is still heard in every chat: "what was blizz thinking??? WTF??? are they out of their minds??? they dont know how to fix something so they nerf it???
I would like to say that it might just be me, but by the amounts of comments that I have read already in 2 days of postings, I don't think so. I know that its a huge aggro on the server and it lags horifficly for about 10 min every 2.5 hours approximately because of the battles, but if I'm in that battle, blood lust flowing, blood boils going off and corpses exploding around me, I dont care about the lag. All I know is we are fighting for our rights to get to the instances, to be able to farm the drops we need, to say that we once again control WG. Its not about one single aspect, its about the whole experience. They built it, people will come regardless. And they will come...

Wintergrasp disabled {WoW}

May 20th 2009 12:29AM Wintergrasp ?? Disabled?? wow not on Steamwheedle, mostly just the opposite.. epic battles .. losses and wins ... epic in proportion to the the madness that Blizz has gone to to not fix something... most amazing but i dont think that is going to stop people from doing WG.. if anything... it did just the opposite of what they thought was going to happen. Its amazing the brain trust behind these ideas sometimes.. but hey.. who are we...

The Art of War(craft): Alterac Valley, Part I - Evolution {WoW}

Nov 18th 2007 11:37PM I have run the AV after the first year.. never saw any of the epic 2+ hour bg runs, heard about them. This new AV, which is suppose to make it more pvp style did just the opposite. I have heard many complain about how AB and WSG are geared more for Horde. After playing them many hours and very rarely winning any of them (as in maybe 1 in 200), I find it disconcerting that the programmers would attempt to make it more of what they call pvp style. All this did was make it some pvp and even less pve. After running it for 3 days, I saw that even if the Ally side was able to run together as a concerted group, they still could not win. I saw maybe 2 wins the whole weekend and all the Horde had to do was Turtle the Ally group. No PVE, lots of PVP, but no working on any of the parts that had previously been incorporated into the instance. No defence was on the Horde side, they just stopped in the middle or at a bottle neck area and farmed kills. Nice way to gain HK, but, kind of difficult to get anywhere when there is no where to go.