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2.4 on PTRs this year {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 6:10PM I stared slack-jawed at #13. Imo, the numerous ways player can now obtain great gear is one of the best developments this game has experienced. You have to remember: due to a myriad of constraints, not everyone has the opportunity to be in that top 2% minority that experiences endgame content like Hyjal/BT. Nowadays, if you can't raid, you can arena; if you can't arena, you can pvp (ie grab past season gear). There are heroics, badge rewards, rep rewards, and even the odd successful Kara/ZA pugs on some servers.

If you mean to say, that you don't feel totally awesome in your tier gear, because my arena gear just happens to look like it, that's a shame. (This just means I get to look cool like you!) You should be proud of what your guild has accomplished, had a blast over the content you were lucky to see, and relished in the gear you were even luckier to get! And please, players know when they see someone decked out in "true" epics, if you will. I've heard enough exclamations of "Holy ballz!" to know it.

Newcomers in the WoW community {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 4:19PM I appreciate the message this article is trying to convey. I've been playing WoW for two years and, looking back, I realize how very, very little I really knew in the beginning. There is a vast amount of information you accumulate over time while playing. I feel sorry for new players who ask questions in general chat and receive ten wrong answers and/or derogatory comments before someone is kind enough to truly help them. I've known people who leave WoW for other MMOs with kinder, more helpful communities.

It's easy to get wrapped in your own goals as most of us do not have unlimited time to play. Yet, think of all the hours you *are* playing and attempt to set aside a few moments to help someone new or to be kind enough to answer a question or, at the very least, remove "noob" from the end of your sentence.