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Blizzard announces official Wrath midnight launches {WoW}

Oct 30th 2008 3:21PM For us Brits...

"Here in the UK, the launch event will take place at HMV in London at 150 Oxford Street, London, W1D 1DJ, with doors opening at 00:01 on the night of the 12th/13th. As well as being among the first to acquire the expansion, attendees will have an opportunity to meet with COO Paul Sams and associate producer Lee Sparks, who will be present to welcome players and sign their copies. Similar launch events will be held internationally in North America, Taipei, and Seoul. Full details on the specific locations and plans for each of these events can be found at "

Found at

WoW, Casually: Finding forum help {WoW}

May 30th 2008 1:39PM Arjun, I know this is both negative and generalising, but I hate the official forums and steer clear from posting on them unless I really have to. Although, it does seem to me like you got the real Grade-A trolls in your thread - perhaps just extra-unlucky?!

To me, your gear looked good, better than some of the people I have been to Kara with. Kara (especially the first few bosses) is the teamwork check - not just the gear check. I found that when starting Kara, our performance would alter dramatically depending on the level of skilled people we had, rather than the gear we took along.

Also, a massive GRATS on getting the Fiery Warhorse Reins, a cool looking mount and rare too - nice one! Also, I noticed a [Moroes' Pocket Watch] on your person - so I guess it can't be going that badly in Kara now. Shows just what the others 'experts' in the thread knew :)

I'll admit that I get really annoyed by troll comments and people who seem to have nothing better to do than insult people via online forums. Then I realise I should really just feel pity for them, it must take someone really unhappy or really bored to behave like that.

Around Azeroth: Why the economic stimulus package failed {WoW}

Apr 29th 2008 10:15AM As far as I was aware - the TCG pet biscuits only affect non-combat pets, not hunter ones. I could be wrong though.

I have seen hunters with this issue before, and there was a post on the EU formus yesterday of a screenshot from a player asking how the hunter got the pet so big...but it remain normal size on the hunters screen. General consensus yesterday was that it is just a bug that happens some times, but no-one had an idea of how to replicate it.

And no, sorry, I couldn't find the post :(

Do records even matter? {WoW}

Mar 17th 2008 9:24AM I suppose it all depends on the weighting of the word "matter". It obviously does matter to those who broke the record, as well as the other people trying for the same record (if applicable)

Personally, it doesn't matter to me that someone can level to 70 in 6 days or whatever, but to the person who set that as his challenge - who am I to tell them that it doesn't matter.

With regards to the "world firsts" - I am intrigued to see how quickly the top-end guilds breeze through any content that is available. I also like to keep an eye on the best guilds on my server (a fairly non-competitive PvE server) and how far behind these firsts they come.

Fair shout to those who strive to beat these records and kill bosses first. If it was my guild that had killed Illidan first, I would probably have been quite vocal about it to my fellow WoW players, but maybe no-so-much when I was down the pub!

World of Warcrafting shows off some... interesting crafts {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 6:35PM Yeah, this site is great- i'm really fond of the way it is written. If you havent had a look yet - please at least check out the stapleserpent
it is worth it

A bargain diamond in the AH rough {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 8:09AM I recently saw a Hyacinth Macaw on the AH for 5G and bought it thinking I could sell it for some sort of huge profit - but no such luck as of yet. I vaguely remembered one of my friends saying that they sell well.

I will persevere, but I'm getting more and more tempted to just keep it for myself.

WoW, Casually: December 7 - 13 activities and making cash {WoW}

Dec 7th 2007 3:50AM @1 The fact that the column was introduced in the first place, and that it has attracted much praise in the comment section leads me to believe that people DO read it and enjoy it.

Such a useless comment.

Back on-topic, i'm going to be in AB myself this weekend getting my 30 tokens for my Gladiator Chest. With my skills it should take about 30 games :)

Breakfast Topic: WoW rewards for game loyalty {WoW}

Nov 21st 2007 9:43AM @10

Yes, you reminded me about another benefit that is only available to long-time subscribers...access to the PTR.

Would be nice to go on there every now and then to test specs or talent builds. (been playing 6 months)

My only objection to rewards like this are they give another excuse for people to boast "I woz ere b4 beta, man, U R noobz". Much like is done with the old PvP titles at present. Also, it takes no skill or commitment to the game to have an account inactive for 18 months - so what does it prove?

For bragging rights, a simple character creation date on the Armory would suffice - then we could really tell who has been playing since day one.