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Monster Cable learns nothing, sues Monster Transmission {Engadget}

Apr 13th 2009 9:43AM Gadgetfreak your examples of a Microsoft sandwich store, and a Honda software company are flawed. Microsoft is an invented word combination, and Honda does actually make software for their cars.... Monster has existed commonly in the English language for hundreds of years its a generic term. Both of these companies should be able to protect their name in those fields. As for you argument of if you don't use it, you lose it, for protecting it. I think they should win if they already had a transmission shop opened up, not just sitting in a file folder somewhere the idea of i might maybe open a shop sometime. If i write down 500 different types of companies that i could maybe make one day, i will protect my generic term, such as armchair. Thats not doing work or actually trying to progress the name your just sueing people who use a common word..

Breakfast Topic: What details did you notice in 2.3? {WoW}

Nov 17th 2007 10:40AM The hit box on the mail box in front of the org bank is smaller, its the only one I have tried but its damn annoying.

Mage's evocation: working as intended? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 1:22PM I don't really have a problem as a mage running out of mana since i use mage armor for endurance fights.
I get about 4500 mana with an evocate. Theres many things i do to help my mana stay high like properly burning my mana gems when i am down the max amount of the gem so the cool down would be gone by the time i can burn another one.
It also helps that i am an alchemist with the sweet sweet alchemists stone that gives me just as much mana as an evocate with a super mana pot.

GM Daewoo's 'Winstorm' SUV prepares to sweep SUV market {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 9th 2006 10:48AM Now seriously, i believe there are some people who honestly need SUV and pickup trucks. I realize that many of my friends who are contractors need their trucks. Any banning the sale of trucks, suv's and crossovers is just ludicris. What we need is for people to realize that they don't need an suv to get through life. I am a big fan hatchbacks and wagons, i know there not the coolest looking vehicles, but they are very practical, and will get you through 363 of the days of the year, and those other two rent a uhaul trailer, or call a friend and give him 20 bucks to use his/her truck.

GM Daewoo's 'Winstorm' SUV prepares to sweep SUV market {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 9th 2006 10:34AM Ian, I am not quite sure what you mean about new england, i take it your refering to the winters as a reason for needing a crossover or suv. Well i live in Canada in a little place called the snowbelt. I drive a honda civic hatchback, and i get through every winter fine, unless the snows over my hood, and then i just stay in. I did however invest a little more money to get snow tires. I couldnt believe it either, they have tires made specifically for the snow, and winter. Its crazy.

New Chevy Camaro Concept pics released by GM ALL HIGH REZ {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 28th 2006 10:36AM Am i the only one who thinks cadillac when i see this car despite the chevy bowtie.

Dell's $10K XPS 600 Renegade sold out {Engadget}

Apr 11th 2006 7:48PM To Baumann, complaining about emachines, my server is a sweet 466is, an amazing little celeron that has been running since 99, a good deal for 499 canadian back then. Needs a new fan now, but other then that it has been incredibly trouble free. Also, runs linux like a dream.

Rabbit Redux - Volkswagen revives '70s badge {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 11th 2006 7:26PM If they brought the polo over as the rabbit, it would make sense to me.

UK student's WashDryIron does just that {Engadget}

Feb 15th 2006 8:59AM looks perfect for apartments. Also no agitator by the looks of it, so then less noise hopefully.

Joystiq Poll: How often do you play games on your mobile phone? {Joystiq}

Feb 2nd 2006 9:56AM I didnt until i found i downloaded the game for my series 60s phone. All you do is click the button a penguin drops off a cliff and you hit it with a baseball bat, and then try and contol the penguin to see how far you can get it. Honestly the best game in a long time, so simple, so sweet.