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Officers' Quarters: Rank and file {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 8:52PM I'm a pretty new Guild Master, I created a guild with only Faroese people in it (my countrymen), and so far it's been working great. We cleared Karazhan in one day, Gruul took 1 raid, and now about 1 month and 1 week later we've killed Magtheridon, and 3 bosses in SSC.

The ranking system I use is:
Guild Leader (and there's a Co-GL too)
Officer (versatile version of a GL/CL)
Class Leader (controls his classes raiders specs)
Raider (~4 of the best pve players of a class, rotating around for raids if not all get in)
Member (members of the guild, can get into raids)
Casual (people that are just in the guild for socializing and pvp'ing etc.)
Alt (alt of any member in the guild, everyone gets to have alts)
Trial (newcomers that want to either raid or be casual get a few weeks trial first)