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Resources for beginning hunters {WoW}

Dec 13th 2005 11:32AM Another addon that I highly recommend hunter players make use of, is Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper ( It provides a tool-tip when you mouse over a beast mob that will tell you if they are trainable, and what pet skills they can teach you. Also, if you already know one of the pet skills, it colors the name grey. It also provides a lookup into its database, through a nice /hh find command, that tells you where you can find beasts that give a particular pet skill.

Ventrillo for Mac released {WoW}

Dec 8th 2005 1:12PM I haven't looked at the Ventrillo client, but I've been using TeamSpeex for the past couple of months: TeamSpeex works so well connecting to one of the WoW guilds I belong to, that I went and bought my own Teamspeak hosting plan for my local friends group. TeamSpeex is still in beta, but it's been rock solid for me.

Do you have HDTV yet? {AOL TV}

Jun 8th 2005 11:29PM Yes. Through Adelphia (now some mythical hybrid beast owned by Comcast and Time Warner ;) I have both HDTV and an HD PVR hooked up to my 57" Sony HDTV ready rear-projection set. Primary broadcast HD, along with premium stations I don't pay for, and ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery and PBS. Would really like to get WB HD and TNT HD added in, but I'm not holding my breath...

Terminal Tips: FTP {}

Apr 19th 2005 9:47AM

By the way, the -O flag means "open the given url" and the -C - (that 2nd dash is important) means "resume the download if you already have part of the file"
Just to clarify this, the -O flag actually tells curl to save the output of the download as a file, with the same name as the remote file. It has nothing to do with opening the URL. According to the man pages, -O is the same as the --remote-name option.