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When is a good time to stop raiding? {WoW}

Jun 14th 2008 4:33PM I would have to second the comment that raiding kills the enjoyment of the game when it starts feeling like a job.

I am currently taking a break (well I have been on break for 4 months) after being the raid coordinator for guild I was in. Arranging raid time to fit with everyones schedule, establishing raid rules, preparing guild bank for consumables, making sure people are on time, arranging for replacements, and other associated activities really drained the enjoyment out of the game.

The other thing I have realized is no matter what they add for PvE content, it eventually becomes old. It eventually dawned on me that regardless of how technical a fight scaled up, its still scripted. I having looking more and more towards FPS as a living thinking opponent is infinitely more complex and engaging. Hopefull WoTLK will add significant more complexity to the PvP end.

Birds of prey: Is Druid epic flight form OP in PvP {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 5:37PM Quite frankly, this is one of two things. Either your friend is feeding you a line or you are creating stories from thin air. I play a druid and I have tried pulling off the aerial combat stunts like you just described and getting more then one spell off is near impossible due to the speed at which you drop. Druids are not mages with their slowfall ability.

Let me detail why I think this is complete horseshit...

1) Range on Insect swarm and moonfire is at best 36 yard talented. You will at most get 1 cast of IS and 1 cast of MF before you drop out of range. It is highly unlikely that the druid would be able to cast both unless his timing was absolutely perfect due to the speed at which you fall.

2) Assuming the druid is a nicely geared balance druid with 1k+ spell damage the IS will do roughly 2100-2200 damage over 12 seconds, and the moonfire will do 2000- 2500 damage, perhaps a it more if he crits. At most that is 4100 to maybe 5k damage over 12 seconds.

3) You average rogue has 8 to 9k hp, with the well geared pvp rogues have around 10k or more. The rogue in question will still have at least half his life left and 12 seconds to land.

Either your friend is full of it or there is some important information that you friend is not telling us.

Shifting Perspectives: The forgotten feral form {WoW}

Dec 4th 2007 5:51PM Plenty of feral druid resources out there to be had and enjoyed. A very good druid blog about all things feral and the topic of kitty DPS comes up frequently. Look through the class mechanics and look at the Feral druid megathread.

Also kitty DPS is sufficient enough that end game raid guilds will let Ferals off-tank certain fights and DPS others. As for myself I am roughly around the 850dps mark so its certianly nothing to sneer at.

Blizz still evaluating afk reporting feature {WoW}

Nov 26th 2007 6:09PM Part of the issue why this is not working fool proof is you have to hunt the person down, target them, and report them as AFK from the drop down menu (unless there is another way I am not aware of).

This is a bit of a problem for 2 reasons. Most AFK'ers are in the cave which means someone has to go into the cave and do the above method for reporting them. Thats wasnt so much of an issue before but now people no longer spawn in the cave and few people want to take time flag them. Second is some dirt bags are immediately going to some out of the way place, banking on the fact that nobody mid battle is going to drop what they are doing, hunt them down and flag them.

However with this being said I still think the current system is an improvement. I do notice ALOT less people abusing the battlegrounds then before.

The enemy within the Alliance {WoW}

Nov 24th 2007 5:07PM I played Alliance side for 2 years, when after a Arathi Basin match I realized that communication, teamwork, and doing the small things (like guarding nodes) simply weren't priority to the average Alliance player. Immediately after that game I re-rolled Horde and havent looked back.

After re-rolling I quickly found out it wasn't the racials, it wasn't the Shaman, and it certainly wasn't any grand scheme by Blizzard to make the Alliance lose. It was and still is the people that play the Alliance and the people that play the Horde, and that makes all the difference. Not sure where I saw this article but a player had done a census on the populations of both sides, and the average age of the Alliance was 15, and the Horde was 24.

Its not perfect Horde side but you will find more team-work, more communication, more focus on winning instead of kill whoring, less childish behavior, less Chuck Norris jokes, and in general less ass-hattery.