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Arcane Brilliance: Speccing for AoE {WoW}

Nov 24th 2007 9:15PM Frost mages are really fun to play, but only from somewhere around 50-60 when you got all the required talents and the right mobs.

Grinding away on those fields in the Western Plaguelands was a really neat way to get to Outland quickly, but Ice mages are somewhat screwed when it comes to expansion content.

Kiting is a great way to solo a lot of stuff in the old world, but alas, Blizzards made most named elite mobs in Outland immune to roots and snares, so the good old frostbolt-nova-frostbolt combo doesn't work in most cases.

And AoE grinding is even a little less fun - the only good place with enough melee mobs and space to gather them conveniently is "the heap" in Netherstorm and that place is already farmed by too many people collecting Zaxxis insignias to boost their Consortium rep as it is...

So yeah, frost mages are incredibly fun to play, but Blizz really did kill some of that fun in the expansion.

Just as an addition to that post as such - if you're going full frost you might as well pick up Shatter and Ice Shards to increase your single target and group DPS - while they're not necessary for AoE-grinding, they don't hurt your efforts, so enjoy as many benefits of the frosty mage as possible ;)

And if you want to know what inspired me to roll a mage alt, watch, if you haven't already, a master at work: Faxmonkey's classic "Even stupider mage tricks"