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UPDATE: Blood of Gladiators Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Apr 15th 2009 8:34AM Here's hoping for a shiny loot card prize.

My Undead Rogue would look pretty fancy in that pretty purple shirt.

Mortis Von Lipwig; fashionable fancyman.

Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 6:44AM I remember my first character, a Forsaken Warrior (long since abandoned/deleted) my first guild, people were asking what specc I was.

I didn't know, I just rolled to hit stuff with big swords.

It was an RP realm, and one of the people I respected most was a Forsaken Protect Warrior..and he always told me 'the best form of offense is a good defense. There's nothing better than protecting your friends from danger.'

I spent the next thirty levels as prot, before realizing how much it sucked, and asking another friend for advice. I was Fury 'till I deleted him.

Jeff Kaplan leaving World of Warcraft {WoW}

Feb 16th 2009 6:51AM @MCraider

You do realize WoW looks the way it does because it uses a similar, cartoony style in the Warcraft RTS games, right?

WoW isn't meant to look gritty. It's stylized, and runs well on any PC, as they want it to, to help keep the playerbase larger.

So, more than one benefit for having it look the way it does.

Nintendo's Wii event pre-game coverage! {Joystiq}

May 9th 2006 12:05PM Come on Nintendo, hurry up! I wanna see everything you have to offer..

Man, I've been waiting since 9:30GMT for this..damn you, timezones.