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Breakfast Topic: Murloc at the movies {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 9:42AM reservoir murlocs :)

Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 1 {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2007 10:39AM /roll i am in :)

Around Azeroth: Empty Ironforge {WoW}

Dec 21st 2006 11:35AM or the first person to log in after the tuesday hoorah!

WoW + Wii = WiiCraft {WoW}

Dec 20th 2006 12:22PM i think its funny how when he tries to run at the end of the video he is all over the place. I like the mouse, like the earlier post PVP will be much faster with keyboard/mouse.

Forum Post of the Day: Is this against the ToS? {WoW}

Nov 30th 2006 4:42PM i love the term sharding.......sounds like you need to check your pants

Want to work and WoW? No problem! {WoW}

Sep 11th 2006 5:50PM It guy here that is off the internet logs. I get to play all the time, i fit real work in during tuesday morning updates

Cross-Realm Battlegrounds... or not. {WoW}

Aug 24th 2006 10:11AM I played last night on lightbringer and had different relms playing in PVP. Maybe its server to server issues, good luck.

WoW Insider Contest: Win Character Art! {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 11:02AM mine would be the best.

Breakfast Topic: Pet Peeves {WoW}

Aug 9th 2006 1:13PM when people complain about other people needing on blue level or higher items when both parties need the item. and vice versa people who need blue level items or higher to DE when other poeple in the party actually need the item. people need to learn the loot rules and wait to roll for DE until everybody passes.

WoW Moviewatch: Girls Gone WoW {WoW}

May 31st 2006 1:01PM clever!