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WoW Rookie: How to choose a new realm {WoW}

Sep 17th 2010 5:50PM I know that you made your reply, Chris, with the best of intentions, but as a roleplayer I really do wish that people would stop encouraging non-roleplayers to join roleplaying servers because we're supposedly more mature.

Blizzard has repeatedly stated in the past that they do not maintain a proactive stance on enforcing their own rules, including those unique to roleplaying servers. They further state that it's the server that defines the standards to which each server follows, such as remaining in-character in /say and /yell as well as maintaining roleplay-friendly character and guild names. With each non-roleplayer that comes to a roleplaying server, the ratio of roleplayer-to-non-roleplayer is skewed that much futher.

I cannot speak for all roleplayers in this, but I really do wish that there were servers where staff members would actively enforce the rules. I have played and continue to play on a multitude of roleplaying servers and it grows increasingly frustrating to find that the rules are increasingly more difficult to enforce as the number of non-roleplayers flood these very unique, very different, very special servers.

It's gotten so bad that I've turned to private servers to get my roleplaying fix while remaining an active retail account in order to raid, level, and theorycraft.

Officers' Quarters: The fourth tank's lament {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 2:37PM Given that there are forty people logging in every raid night, shouldn't that be an indication that a second twenty-five man raid should be started up? Take the initiative, Frustrated; approach your officers and mention that you're interested in starting up a second raid. Snag the fifteen people who aren't being taken to raids, grab some friends, set up an alliance, and start managing that second raid.

The benefits of this are two-fold. You get the opportunity and experience needed to successfully run Icecrown Citadel and you provide your officers with visible proof of your proficiency. Not to mention that being in charge also puts you in the position of being able to ensure that you are one of those three tanks.

It's not necessarily the optimal solution, but it's something that has pretty high returns. If twenty-five is too overwhelming to attempt initially, try organizing a weekly ten man and work your way up to twenty-five.

Guildwatch: "This is not a f$#(ing joke" {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2009 2:06PM Regarding Final Reckoning and Feathermoon, specifically: "Final Reckoning on Feathermoon was apparently started with a guild bank ninja from another server." and "But their response is even funnier -- they claim that a Marine's number one goal is "mission accomplished," and their mission was supposedly to bring (most) of the old guild's players to a new server for a new start."

Not quite. Divinitas, the guild from which the bank and players were supposedly purloined, are on Feathermoon. This new guild, Final Reckoning, is on Feathermoon as well. I don't think anyone transferred over the whole ordeal; in fact, a quick glance at the guild and realm of major participants in the thread would reveal that everyone is still on the wonderful and happy world of Feathermoon.

I'm not involved in any of the drama and don't talk with any of the people, but it's pretty self-evidant that this is restricted to Feathermoon. I'm not quite sure from where the idea of a realm-hop came. Every post in the thread prior to this Guildwatch notice is by someone from Feathermoon, other than a single murloc on a lowbie alt.

Forum post of the day: Epic choices {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 11:42AM I'll take a little bit out of category A and mix it with the stuff that I found in B and C. I'm raiding Tier 6 content with two characters, though only three days a week. I fully plan on continuing to do so (though it looks like my perky priestess's raid might be asploding), irregardless of whether or not the gear I obtain gets sold the moment I step foot onto Northrend. Gear is a means to an end, which is to challenge myself in new content and perform to the best of my abilities.

I'm also leveling up a number of sadly neglected alts, including yet another mage I rolled on Scarlet Crusade. Surprisingly enough, there some friends and I managed to bond together, form a guild, and have fun. I usually stick there between raid days.

And, of course, there's the roleplaying. And it doesn't matter if I'm in a raid or leveling an alt, but it's there and it's fun!

Authenticator fails, removed from account without user's permission {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 7:45AM The thing about the Authenticator is that the six numbers that appear on the screen are not always consistent. They sync up numbers in a Blizzard database somewhere and refreshes on a regular basis. I haven't sit down with mine and watched it to see how long, but I'm guessing that the number remains current for about thirty seconds or so.

So, even if a keylogger somehow manages to capture all of that information -- username, password, and the six-digit Authenticator number -- it would only be current until the number was refreshed. Unless the potential account thieves immediately got that information and then used it, they would find the Authenticator number out of date.

I also discovered that the Authenticator ties into accessing my account information on the official World of Warcraft website. I tried to log in from a computer other than my own (next to which sits my Authenticator) and found that I couldn't log in without that number on hand. Assuming that the Authenticator remains tied to my account that's pretty good!

Deleting toons to make room for Wrath {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 7:57AM I currently have all of my slots filled on one server, with a smattering of characters on other servers. While I find the concept of a Death Knight intriguing and look forward to the next expansion, I really don't like parting with any of my existing girls on that one server. Many of them are past 55, so deleting them to make a character that is 55 would negate my previous efforts. And while not everyone would claim to need three priests on a server (Discipline, Holy, and Shadow), my status as a rampant priestaphiliac is at stake!

The only one that I could possibly part with is the female dwarf rogue -- except I'm wary to delete what is probably the least utilized gender-race-class combination on my server. Dwarven rogues are rare enough (I can only think of three offhand that I've seen on the server in the three years I've played there), but a female one? Shocking!

Like others, I'm disappointed that a specific hero slot wasn't added to the game as many had originally theorized. I don't want to transfer any of my characters to another server to make room for another character; I like my server and any other would leave the recently departed girl underutilized. I don't want to delete any of them. And if my love for the existing characters leaves me with not having a Death Knight on that server, then so be it!.

Officers' Quarters: Spawning grounds {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 7:55AM I'm of two minds on this issue. I've been in the guild where the exodus of other players left a void that prevented us from progressing in content. I've also been the person to leave the guild in favor of another that was able to help me obtain what I wanted out of the game. I think the answer lies in the individual who left.

If the player left on good terms and made it clear why he was choosing to leave, then it's probably fine. A player who went out of his way to let people know weeks in advance so that a replacement could be recruited, who openly stated why he was leaving, and maintained a friendly and helpful attitude while in the guild is an asset. His knowledge and his currently out-geared characters can help the guild progress beyond the point where it is now.

On the other hand, a person who came, snagged loot, and then left without warning or had planned to leave from the very beginning and didn't share that information is an asshat and should probably be turned down. This is usually an easy choice, because the people who do that sort of thing are usually drama-prone, self-absorbed, inconsiderate individuals who really wouldn't be welcome back into the fold anyways.

I don't think it's fair to severely penalize people who left the guild to pursue what appealed to them in the game -- assuming that it was on good terms and without any of the drama that sometimes goes along with a /gquit. However, as guild leader, you should probably field out how the rest of your guild feels. You might think it's an awesome idea, but you may have quite a few people who are furious and would feel slighted. And whatever you decide, make sure to relay that information to the vast majority of the guild before doing it; communication is a beautiful thing and few things put people more on edge than finding out that something important happened and they didn't know about it ahead of time. It often smacks of impropriety and can result in distrust.

Ask WoW Insider: Stay at home mom wants to give back to the community {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 1:08PM UberNoober, keep in mind that people who don't input their password need to confirm their comments by email. This often results in considerable delay between when the comment was written and when it appears on the site. Delay also occurs during which people try to make their comments but others post before them. In other words, it may be best to assume that Katey -- who posted a reply within twenty minutes of Tayluca's post -- may have been wroting her comment before the response even appeared on the page.

There seems to have been a lot of miscommunication and confusion regarding this topic. It's understandably a hot-button issue and there does seem to be some polarization between groups of people. However, there's no need to get angry or upset. Stay-at-home-wow-player's words WERE a little ambiguous; some people chose to favor the more positive connotations while others saw negative. This is a matter of comprehension.

I think that the important thing here is to continue with the support, continue with helpful responses for people in similar positions, and reply in the same theme of Tayluca's original email: being supportive of our community.

Clearer heads have prevailed and will continue to do so.

Ask WoW Insider: Stay at home mom wants to give back to the community {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 12:25PM tayluca, whatever you decide keep us updated!

Brian was right in part when he said that I identified with you: I DO think that giving back to the community and helping others is a very worthy goal and it's one that I've tried to do in my own actions in World of Warcraft. So while I may not be a mother, while I may not stay at home, and while I may not use the game as a crutch as he believes we may, I do think that your drive to help the community is a damned fine one!

If, for whatever reason, you want to gab a bit about the game or let us know what you're doing to help fulfill your goals, drop me a line. If you ever contemplate doing something on the website/blogging end, I could provide some small guidance.

Thank you again for your letter, irregardless of the illwill and responses it sparked. I honestly felt it to be rather inspiring, even now in light of what some people are still posting. Good luck with your goal!


Ask WoW Insider: Stay at home mom wants to give back to the community {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 12:15PM Badger: nemesis, ally, or both? Good to see you 'round these here parts again!

I was referring to Mark's oiriginal comments in the article, as well as a number of the previous and latter ones (since the threaded comments mean that I can post ahead of other replies that are chronologically earlier than my own). These people ridiculed her weight (when a picture of her hadn't even been included), demeaned her desire to contribute, commented on how little she must care for her family, and outright called her a horribe parent. All without understanding what position she's in, what her home life is like, and why she even has that much free time (or if that was an exaggeration!).

And, in those posts, Mark has stuck to his comments, already changed an image that was pointed out as being innappropriate, and has had a hell of a lot worse things said to him. What he said in his original post was considerably less argumentative or derisive (if it even reached that level) than some of the people who have since replied.

I can disagree with people. I've disagreed with a lot of people here -- even you! I enjoy discussion and the sharing of opinions. And while Mark -- or Mr. Crump, or sir Crump, or "that guy who wrote the article" or whatever you want to call him -- may have shared his opinion in a less than stellar way, I feel absolutely no need to further reprimand him for what he said. He took Stay-at-home-wow-player's words one way; I took it another. Just as you seem to have taken Mark's words in one way and me another. And while we disagree, I felt that I had voiced my opinion in a suitably non-fuckwadly way.

To be honest, I'm uncertain as to how else I SHOULD have replied. Maybe I needed to fling out more slurs and innappropriate phrases like others have? I hadn't realized that being polite to people that you disagree with was a sign of sucking up.

And furthering the idea of being a positive presence on the internet as opposed to the asinine stuff we normally run into, if the forums are filled with drivle and usually drive people away, wouldn't one of the places that she could have the most impact be the forums? If you, as a new player, turned to the forums for help and discovered ONE friendly face among a sea of asshattery, QQing, and complaints, wouldn't you be thankful and relieved? Couldn't you maybe walk away from the forums for once being satsfied that, yes, your question was answered? The forums are usually the first resource that new players turn to. Why not enact a change from the inside rather than having to turn to something that she would arguably have to set up on her own? Blizzard recognizes the efforts of people who provide EXACTLY that king of service by bestowing on them the title of MVP.

Stay-at-home-player already said:
" I feel like the places I'm used to hanging around already have all the help they need and don't need another troll spouting off the typical "wrong forum, customer support is that way ->>" kind of stuff."

I took this to mean that she already had been to the forums and had spent some time there. If so, she's probably fully aware of what goes on there. I even went as far as to reiterate the common complaints in my reply. However, there is a lot of potential for growth and change on the forums and even one voice can make a difference! Existing players may know to avoid the official forums, but the type of new players that Stay-at-home-wow-player seems to want to help wouldn't; helping those people by directing them to better resources could be extremely beneficial.