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Arena smurfs are "100% awesome!" according to Blizz {WoW}

Nov 28th 2007 2:51PM People are human and want things easy, especially if they are only obtainable by a few to "show off" in a videogame to other addicted players who care about this things and give them the attention they crave in the first place.

If anyone is to blame is Blizzard because its their fault for having a system which can be exploited. They obviously don't earn enough money to employ and pay the right developers who get it right first time when designing a system like arena and the reward points.

In the meantime Blizzard is still getting paid millions every month, and no large percentage of their customer base will stop paying because they dont have any morals so this will continue.

Azeroth/Outland whatever doesnt exist, arena does not exist, its all just a videogame on servers, most videogames can and will be hacked and exploited, in RL people get exploited too and life isn't fair.

The only thing that really exist is the fun you can have with people and new friendships you can make even through this videogame, thats all the reality there is.