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Blood Sport: Shape up or ship out in Season 3 {WoW}

Nov 29th 2007 6:52PM Hi I am a hunter (1780 finish, 1950 peak) and received the rival title. Our 3v3 was a holy pali, combat daggers rogue, and a BM hunter. I consistently did the most damage but I was also the most frequently singled out as our rating rose higher.

However in a 5v5 we just started I am often left to my own devices, and am able to cast aimed shots, and pew pew from the back.

in response to saying BM is less useful in 5v5 i have to disagree. i realize i sacrifice alot of control (entrapment,silencing, wyvern, scattershot is a wash vs pet stun) but I get such a boost in dps its rediculus. at full tilt auto/stead KC @ -280mp5 i can get the same dps of a MM/surv spec using a priority queue with KC @ -480mp/5. this leaves me free to save my arcane shots for shields and other debuffs with no cost to my dps and only a moderate increase in -mp5.

when left alone in any situation the hunter puts out a significant amount of hurt but we are still very week to focus fire and pole dancing even with the new dead zone range.

(-mp5 as in the cost per 5 seconds to be constantly casting all your dps spells)