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Breakfast Topic: What's your naming methodology? {WoW}

Jan 9th 2012 10:18AM I somehow got Book (my last name when i played around in second life) on my first ever toon. I even declined to do a recruit a friend account because Book was on my first trial account. But my alts are all Books. My Druid is Naturebook. My DK is Badbook. My priest Shepardbook, etc.

My guild officers had fun with the comments when I was adding all the alts. Badbook was noted as Book, non-NYT best seller edition. Naturebook is Book, Smithsonian Field Guide edition.

The Queue: {WoW}

Dec 5th 2011 8:11PM Q For the Q: On the WoW Armory it has Raid Finder in progression, but as 4/6. Will we not be able to do Spine of Deathwing & Madness of Deathwing in the Raid Finder?

The Queue: I will not {WoW}

Dec 4th 2011 12:36PM Q for the Q:
So Darkmoon Faire profession quests... Are they dailies or once per event?

The Queue: Hunter pets in MoP? {WoW}

Nov 24th 2011 11:20AM Q for the Q:
Do you receive your Raid Finder Valor Points when you down the final boss of the wing (ie Hagara the Stormbinder or Madness of Deathwing) or once you have completed all 4 bosses for the week?

Enter to win a World of Warcraft iPhone clip case {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2011 1:44PM Glory to the Alliance!

Officers' Quarters: Return of an X guild leader {WoW}

Nov 14th 2011 9:38AM I believe in 4.3 it becomes an automatic pop up option. Prior to that you have to petition a GM to have the guildleader removed from leadership position for lack of logging in.

Breakfast Topic: What was your first raid experience? {WoW}

Sep 26th 2011 10:29AM Naxx25. My guild was grinding Ulduar at the time & I had just hit 80. When the call went out for anyone else who wanted to go to Ulduar. I replied that I was the only one not in the instance who was 80, but that I didn't have the gear (was wearing the level 78 crafted blues a friend made me) & they told me to contact a person who ran Naxx25 as an opportunity to gear up new members/alts. At that point I hadn't even done a heroic dungeon. So Naxx always holds a special place in my heart. I never really set foot in Ulduar while it was current content cause ToC came out shortly after I got my rogue geared. But I made some really good friends while running Naxx. Ended up with a raid slot most the time for ToC loot fest & was one of the first guildies to enter ICC & down Lord Morrowgar.

Drama Mamas: Should minors hide their age? {WoW}

Sep 14th 2011 1:48AM I ran ICC10 with a high school age off-tank (he was our hunter's son) when it was current content. In fact our main tank was 20. With the rest of the dps & healers being much older. They were good tanks & good kids. We didn't hold their age against them. Though the did have to bear the brunt of jokes like. "Send the kids in first & then wait 5 seconds for them to get aggro."

Patch 4.3: Rogue legendary, new raid difficulty, and other details {WoW}

Sep 13th 2011 8:21PM I was hoping for the same, but maybe keep it to the level below current content. Like if we're on Tier 13 raids, then Tier 12 & 11 and below will be available.