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Rumor: BioWare not involved with Star Wars MMO {Joystiq}

Feb 8th 2008 11:33AM Wait... is Star Wars Galaxies still around? People still play that God awful MMO? I further guess that higher ups refuse to let this Star Wars/MMO idea die.

Twisted Metal PS3 revealed in hidden code {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2008 4:53PM Uh, you need skill for Mario Kart? Why didn't anyone tell me this!?

Nintendo says no to MMOs {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2008 10:46AM I firmly believe an Animal Crossing MMO would work.

Left Behind: Eternal Forces now free (Hurry! First 1m only!) {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2008 10:24AM Uh, not even Jesus would play this game. Jesus would be playing Warcraft, laying the smack down on undead with Holy Smite!

Rockstar denies involvement with Grand Theft Auto movie {Joystiq}

Feb 6th 2008 11:57AM Seeing as how there already is a movie called "Grand Theft Auto" way before this first game was even created, a studio should have no problem simply creating a movie about some guy who steals cars. Slap on the name GTA name (which is recycling... remake anyone?) and lawsuit averted.

American McGee announces next 'twisted tale' project after Grimm {Joystiq}

Feb 4th 2008 2:42PM I would love to play a game where a murderous Winnie (blood smeared face and claws) is focused on quieting the rumbly tumbly by devouring people (such as the player).

New games this week: Devil May Cry 4 edition {Joystiq}

Feb 4th 2008 11:02AM Quick question. Is either of these games worth the money?

* Devil May Cry 4
* Turok

Rumor: Resident Evil 4 to blame for no Capcom in Brawl {Joystiq}

Feb 4th 2008 11:01AM @joshua-troll

Wow. Have you forgotten the exclusive Resident Evil Outbreak game for the PS2, with Internet play? That didn't sell well, and since then, the servers have been shut down.

New GameSpot Editor in Chief wants to regain your trust {Joystiq}

Feb 4th 2008 10:56AM GameSpit is seriously deranged in thinking that their reviews will be taken seriously, after the whole fiasco.

"...and our faith in the once great review database is now shaken."

Huh? Since when was GameSpit great?

Rumor: PS3 Slim coming this fall {Joystiq}

Feb 1st 2008 12:01PM Another possible SKU?