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The Daily Grind: Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition? {Massively}

Jun 6th 2008 2:22PM I am going to defend 4th edition a bit here, just so anyone reading the comments can have two views to work off of for making their own assessment of whether or not to research it more.

4th edition, when taken by itself is a highly complex game, that is easy to get into. Take the board game Othello for example, its easy to learn but will discourage you to no end if you want to be good at it. There are plenty of Race/Class combinations, and they all work.

The game itself is fairly well balanced, with a few things that could use changes. The combat system is very streamlined and and in-depth, which allows the players to focus more on the actual role-playing aspect of the game. Or if they are more into combat, allows them to think of better tactical operations, rather than asking, "In the rules, can I do this?"

You will run into a lot of problems in the game if you are coming from previous editions. You will be thinking, "Why isn't this included," or "In 3.5 I could do this, now I can't. This is stupid." I think if people can see 4th edition on its own feet, they will see a well balanced game that allows a lot of wiggle room to make combat and non-combat experiences much more enriching.

Of course if you don't like it, then there is always the 3.5 other editions you can fall back on. Which really makes Dungeons and Dragons stand out.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 12:44PM Indeed! I will be grabbing my sword and fighting the horde. Alliance all the way!

My wife likes to tame wolves in swamps {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2007 11:46AM Actually just yesterday I was helping my fiance tame a Deviate Coil Hatchling with her level 11 Hunter, in the entrance Wailing Caverns. I (i was a 13 Shaman) And I kept pulling aggro from heals. We nearly killed the thing before she was able to tame it. But now we have a nice lightning breathing ally to help us kill raptors!