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Engadget's recession antidote: win a Phosphor E-Ink watch! {Engadget}

Jun 16th 2009 12:21PM Steps to fix the world economy:

1)train cuttlefish to replicate newsprint.
2)replace all books with cuttlefish.
3)laugh as Nazis try to have cuttlefish-burnings.

Breakfast Topic: New Wrath talents {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 12:20PM You made a good observation about PvP focus in new talents, and then you went and blew it with that "can't play nice" comment.

Being "nice" doesn't mean much when everyone is neutered. On a PvP server decency is a choice, not a requirement.

Officers' Quarters: Spawning grounds {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 9:11PM My guild leader once put it this way:

"Know how many people you need (with margin for flakes) to raid the content you want to raid. Then divide people into three groups -- (1)skilled players committed to the guild, (2)skilled players likely to jump, and (3)unskilled-but-committed players. Each player from group 1 is worth one raid spot, each player from groups 2 and 3 is worth half a spot, and your total better equal however many slots you're filling (10? 25? 40?)."

I don't know if he was an insane genius, or just insane. He was really angry a lot of the time, though.

Levels 30-40: How to level a hunter and stay sane at the same time {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 12:26AM I don't think anybody is saying that solo hunter leveling is easy. To read that here requires some creative hating, and we're laughing at you in vent right now.

No, it's not hard, it's just very repetitive and not instinctively visceral. Sorry -- you do the same things over and over and don't smash things with other things. To make it interesting requires that the hunter, unlike other classes I've leveled up, be willing to push his limits.

Or, you could do 70 levels of fast and efficient grinding. Fun.

Breakfast Topic: Camping out {WoW}

Jun 6th 2008 10:01AM WoW Curmudgeon wipes away the frothy drool, opines:

"You kids don't even know what is was like, back in the day. Yes, I remember the winter of '05, when rogues lurked thick as fleas on dog's balls and the battlegrounds were just a dream.

From the first day out of the Barrens we had eyes in the back of our heads on a swivel and fingers hovering over hearthstones, ready to run like hell when someone vented "Skull rogue!!!"

We quested in fear from Stonetalon to the Plaguelands, and it was never any better. When battlegrounds came in the zones cleared out like a Shamalyan film, and the game lost 25% of its charm.

That's the fear factor, the little knot in your stomach that comes from knowing grim death could strike, over and over, and there's nothing you can do about it but stay frosty and sly. PvE is fine...but old-timey world PvP couldn't be beat. In my day, we got camped and we liked it."

(Yes, he's old and angry, and he drools. Sorry.)

Scattered Shots: Levels 10-20 and the art of staying smart {WoW}

Jun 5th 2008 8:07PM Eyes of the Beast, besides being useful for long, twisty boss-pulls back in Molten Core, gave me my best WoW experience ever.

Back in the days of world PvP, when I was just a lonely little thirtysomething troll on Alliance-heavy Stormreaver, I had my butt ganked from one end of upper Stranglethorn Vale to the other. It got so that my little piggie was refusing his pet-rez.

So I got sneaky: Aspect of the Beast, Track Humanoids, Frost Trap, standing in a clump of dense shrubbery all hidey-like, and I used Eyes of the Best to send my piggie out and find all the bad OP rogue ganksters on the prowl for my skinny blue butt. To my never-ending surprise, it worked.

Occasionally I'd snap back into my own head to see a frozen rogue caught in mid-AFK gank. That worked too.

It's worth remembering a few things about them days: Hunters were weak (Lacerate, anyone?), rogues were strong and nasty and common as rats on trash, and there were no battlegrounds. Well, STV and Hillsbrad, I guess. I fought tooth and nail for every damned level, and Eyes of the Beast made that a little easier, and a lot more fun.

Around Azeroth: Cheat death {WoW}

Jun 5th 2008 11:14AM You are wrong. He is too skinny. You can see his ribs! After so much long You are wrong.

Around Azeroth: Cheat death {WoW}

Jun 5th 2008 10:09AM Looks like that little cove over the hill from Ratchet where you go to kill the Raptors. Lots of blood there, permanently.

Forum post of the day: Purchasing raid epics (poll) {WoW}

May 7th 2008 5:48PM I don't like the idea of buying tier gear ahead of guild progression, but it hasn't come up for me so that's a luxury position. I probably wouldn't do it, because I like the extra happy feeling I get from knowing that I earned my gear, somehow. Yeah, yeah, extra limits on my game, self-imposed, but it's my monthly $.

My old raid alliance on Stormreaver had a rule: any gear obtained in raids outside the regular alliance schedule would be subtracted from your DKP. Simple. I think I liked that rule.

Henry Jenkins sounds off on Spencer Halpin's 'Moral Kombat' {Joystiq}

Dec 3rd 2007 12:08PM I've read 70+ comments on this film and they've all been hostile to the idea that violent games could create or stimulate violent impulses. I'm not surprised; as a long-time gamer I have always found the idea repugnant. I play games and I'm NOT a violent person. Right?

Here's a stupid hypothetical situation: What if we waited 50 years to see what happened to the generations of people who grew up without meaningful regulation on the gaming industry and found out that there WAS an effect, that it WAS negative, and that in retrospect we OUGHT to have done something about it?

One of the above posters mentioned a "skeptical" position regarding the position of the pro-censorship crowd re:causation. Given the near unanimity on this subject here on Joystiq I would suggest that true skepticism should be directed toward the "prove harm before acting" view.

Finally, my own opinion, worth approximately 2 cents: There IS a connection between entertainment and behavior, I think. I knew a guy who used to write ad-copy for a adult-film distributor, and he told me that after six months of regular (and professional) pr0n-watching he noticed a change in his behavior toward women. He told me he felt more dismissive of them, rougher, less respectful, and that it really disturbed him to feel the change. He quit the job soon thereafter, and the effect (he said) subsided.

I'm not a mind-reader, so I can't know the truth of it, but he is a good friend and had no reason to lie about this. He's also a long-time gamer--first-person shooters from Wolfenstein 3d to Halo 3, a couple of 70s in WoW and who knows what else, and we've talked about this quite a bit. He said he's never noticed the kind of connection between his gaming and behavior the way he noticed with the adult films, but he's very open to the possibility.

He never used to credit the idea that violent games could impact people's behavior, certainly not to the point of political or socialc ensorship. Neither did I, but experience can change you. We're both skeptics now.