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HTC Droid Incredible finally returns to stock, not a moment too soon {Engadget}

Aug 16th 2010 5:15PM @tyrex

Actually Droid X is now rooted and custom bootloaders can now be installed. Customs roms are being developed as we speak.
The incredible is a graet phone but the screen is too small. Droidx may be too big with 4.3" but 3.7" is too small. I think a nice 4" screen will be the sweet spot.

Gorilla goes hands-on with Nintendo DSi XL at the San Francisco Zoo {Engadget}

Aug 9th 2010 7:26PM hes flabergasted that some small human with a mustache can beat this awesome ape called kong.

Amazon Kindle DX Graphite review {Engadget}

Aug 9th 2010 6:54PM I still LOVE having and reading real physical books. The texture, the act of turning a page..the way it aesthetically looks on a shelf. But I like the convenience of e-readers for travel, beach etc...

What id LOVE is if amazon, or barnes and noble, or borders do a buy one and get the other free or reduced deals.

Example: I go to barnes and noble. I buy the latest book from a favorite author. On my receipt is a code that if I go to the stores ebook store and put it in, i can get the digital version free or at a much cheaper 3 bucks vice full price.

That is the only reason right now that im not fully into the ereader craze yet. I like owning my favorite books in physical form, and i dont want to pay double for the same book. I dont mind paying a few bucks extra, just not full price.

Nintendo issues a 3DS release date date {Engadget}

Jul 29th 2010 7:09AM Really? Not that hard to speculate..its gonna be out before the holiday season to rake in the cash and maximize sales by holiday shoppers. Im guessing late October time frame so if there is any shortage, they have a month and some to ramp up production for xmas.

Verizon switching to AT&T-style limited data plans later this month? {Engadget}

Jul 21st 2010 1:36PM All i Can say is if they do, Im going to Sprint and getting the Evo vice the Droid X i was planning on upgrading too.

Droid X available to buy now {Engadget}

Jul 15th 2010 2:53PM @Why should I have all the fun

The enthusiast user base is too small to sustain a rate of sales to make a phone considered a success. The money is in mass market, and making features that are will appeal to the everyday user. They walk into the store and see this huge screen, and 8mp camera, and tinker with it in their hand and like it and buy it. The average user doesnt then proceed to ask the store rep "can u load a custom rom in this?"
Im not advocating it..not saying they should continue to do so..but they have their reasons to do it. And a few posts and people ranting on how its not fair this, and they are outraged isnt gonna change anything..cause you get that with EVERY phone about SOME feature. FFC! replaceable battery! xyz!
And then they go and buy the phone anyway. The fact of the matter is companies dont listen to rants on blog posts..they listen to sales. If enough people dont buy the phone cause of that feature and the sales are abysmal..then sure. But I highly doubt it. The same people that complain about this lack of ability here..i will bet 9 out of 10 of them will get it ..or would if they could (contracts dates or what ever reason causing them not to immediately).

Droid X available to buy now {Engadget}

Jul 15th 2010 2:11PM @Why should I have all the fun

Pretty much states that while its not illegal to reverse engineer and find ways to unlock and load custom roms and software as its your right to do so, it is ALSO the right of the manufacturer to prevent this by methods its whats to use to protect their IP, reputation, and sales.
My point wasnt that hacking a phone was illegal, my point was that as its ur legal right to try and crack and have fun with devices, its also the manufacturers right to try and prevent it. Why Apple comes out with minor OS updates regularly to stop the current methods of unlocks for the Iphone.

Im not saying I like it..i LIKE custom roms. Im using cyan 6 rc1 on my droid as we speak. Just saying they are allowed to do it.

ViewSonic streams Netflix, other stuff with NexTV VMP75 networked media player {Engadget}

Jul 15th 2010 11:44AM @kcmurphy88
Will never buy a WD product again. I bought the HD live..LOVE it. Patiently waited for the firmware update to add Netflix...then what did they do?? They release a new version that has the SAME HARDWARE...nothing added!! that has a new firmware that plays nettflix!. Basically a 'go F urself' to the existing Live user base.

Droid X available to buy now {Engadget}

Jul 15th 2010 11:39AM Wow...people need to stop bitching.

1.) Motorola isnt required to make the bootloader unlocked. They DONT owe it to you. its their phone. If they want to lock it, its their right. If you want a phone you can boot new roms, then dont buy it. Simple as that. So stop with the 'i cant believe it' and "how they they"s.

2.) The bootloader has NOTHING to do with root. I think root is much more important. Most of the "extra" functionality I use is not from the custom rom i use but from root access. SetCPU, titanium backup, etc..
So dont confuse bootloader with ability to root. They will root this sooner or later.

3.) While the enthusiast crowd would love to load custom roms, the total number of entusiast buyers are not enough to make this phone a success.

4.) Most of the "UI" elements are via the motos launcher. You can fix it and STILL use your own prefered launcher just ADW, or LauncherPro, etc....i dont care about the skins of the widgets...cause i will download the ones I prefer to use from market anyway so moto loading their ui'ed widgets is irrelevant. And if you dont use moto's launcher, the system will never load it in memory and thus you dont have to worry about crappy moto programing slowing your phone.

5.) People need to stop bitching about a phone THEY HAVE NEVER touched. Most of the ranters havent even seen it in real life or used it. Few have, but most havent. Ive been lucky to have. Its not that bad. Again im gonna use apps, widgets and launchers I prefer off the market, but the default ones arent bad. The new blur is no wear near as bad as the old. And even if you use the default, the phone is plenty fast that no noticable lag or slowness due to blur is there. The phone kicks ass.

Personally, while the ability to load customs roms is a PRIVILEGE...NOT a right. Its a would be nice to have..NOT a its required.
Yes id love to have the ability, but the ability to root, the screen size, built in 8 gigs of memory, and other features trump one of the few flaws with the phone.

Brite-View launches CinemaGo BV-5005HD Mini CG HD media player {Engadget}

Jul 2nd 2010 5:43PM I have a WDTV live and i loved it..and PATIENTLY waited for an OS upgrade to bring Netflix...hulu..etc...then instead of releasing it to existing users what did they do...rebrand the EXACT same hardware and add those features in a "new" model and charge more. So im pissed, feel betrayed. So ill be damned if i get a western digital product again.