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Breakfast Topic: Non-utilized utility items {WoW}

Apr 4th 2009 9:23AM I have my Skyguard cape macro'd whenever I'm moving to a flying mount/flight form. It just seems like the sensible thing to do as you never need max stats while in the air so the emergency parachute is far more useful. Sometimes you'll get an unfortunate combat dismount midair (accidentally flying low over enemy town or one of the few NPCs with a dismounting attack) and it'll save your neck. Of course it also helps a lot when I'm not on my druid and I forget I can't lose altitude fast by dropping off the mount and remounting before I hit the ground. Recently the Sons of Hodir dragon killing has made it an invaluable trick while getting down the daily.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your Restoration Druid at 80 {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 8:55PM Oh, and as said above great article. I've been trying to do the same with wowhead searches recently, preparing to leave my solo play Boomkin behind (within touching point of Northrend Loremaster so not much need for solo spec anymore) and pick up the way of the tree.

Shifting Perspectives: Gearing your Restoration Druid at 80 {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 8:51PM The Robes of Crackling Flame is a tempting chest piece but how can you currently get it without ending up weighted down with EoH that could buy a Heroes' Dreamwalker Robe weeks earlier? As far as I can work out the Kirin Tor have to be pushed from mid-Friendly up with daily cooking (150 rep a day, so easily 6+ months of daily quests if you tried to do that on its own) and then Heroics (tabard and daily dungeon quests). Am I right in thinking that until Blizzard add some dailies equivalent to most of the other factions with decent rep rewards that Kirin Tor high end rewards aren't really something you should aim for but rather just run Heroics for the EoH items?

The healer shortage and how to fix it {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 8:59PM Definitely agreed that dual specs will solve a lot of this. I only just dinged 80 and am still Balance and intend to stay that way until I've completed the solo content I'm interested in doing (which is all of it, still got two and a half zones of untouched questing to enjoy) but I'm already being dragged into instances to do some light healing for friends when they can't find a real Resto player. As I'm not focussed on instance/raid damage I can play Balance but with plenty of mana regen thanks to the almost dual purpose of caster DPS/heal gear (one with hit and crit/haste focus while the other goes for more spirit and int) but it would be a lot easier to have an actual Resto build with glyphs and hopefully Blizzard will give up the cheap respec option soon to bounce between two styles.

Although something like a Heroic HoL is possible for a Balance doing healing it does require the tank to be well geared beyond levelling green/blue to finish the final boss and I'm sure there are some encounters that I'd simply be incapable of doing currently. I don't mind healing but I'd rather not have to pay for constant respecs just to do it well as well as maintaining a viable solo spec where a lot of my game time is still spent.

The Queue: For poops and giggles {WoW}

Dec 11th 2008 8:26PM I would imagine it is an additive percentage (so final value is 436% more armour) but WoW seems to be anything but consistent about how percentages are worked out. If it was multiplicative (so you got an extra 66% armour of the total after bear form bonus was added on, or vice versa as either order gives the same final number) then you'd be looking at far too much bonus armour and us Moonkin, not to mention the plate tanks, would start to QQ very loudly.

I do sometimes wonder about all the additive percentages in WoW but they do lead to some great results like melee Wrath casting for 'kin. 50% pushback reduction from the Glyph of Wrath adds with 2/3 Nature's Focus 46% to give a 96% pushback reduction for the main levelling damage from an owl. Of course this also takes away a lot of the benefit of Owlkin Frenzy because casting Starfire when being hit isn't the best of plans in any situation (baring those annoying encounters with mobs possessing Nature immunity).

The Queue: The spirit of betrayal {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 6:30PM I thought Blizzard made the Invite a Friend dualboxing class as the fastest way to 55 :) Triple xp quest rewards make for some very fast times and you even get to gift some levels if the characters get unbalanced xp (from acquisition quests which you don't want to do twice over)

The Queue: The spirit of betrayal {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 6:25PM Has there been any word from Blizzard about increasing the daily quest cap? I'm a casual player and so only at 75 so far but I've already got a list of about 20 daily quests that I could run through to help push my rep and xp (leaving more quests at 80 to try and pay for all the really expensive shinies I can't justify right now) and I'm sure there will be plenty more coming in all the zones I haven't touched yet.

The Queue: Bloody rare {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 12:53PM Are the tooltips bugged right now on live? I've temporarily moved my addon folders to run clean but I'm still getting nonsensical tooltips and ending up with testing/reading combat logs to get an real figures for anything.

Few examples from my Druid main: Thorns say '127-128 Nature damage', 'lasts 10 min' (so doesn't take into account my glyph that increases that to an hour for a start) but when cast the tooltip for the buff says '73 Nature damage'. The combat log makes it clear that I'm really doing 249 dmg for each reflected hit.

Now I can kind of understand if they were consistently wrong (maybe forgetting to account for my +spell damage having an effect or something - I seem to remember that they've always put tooltip damage before any +spell damage increases for some reason but after main stat and talent changes) but the inconsistency leaves me completely lost, especially when they bother to work out my Wrath casts are 1.48 seconds rather than 1.5 due to a tiny haste rating. Are these any rules to help figure it all out without jumping in and doing practical experiments to find real figures?

Name one thing you'd change about your class {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 6:27AM Druids wear leather, so far the Northrend quest rewards would make me think Balance is either expected to go cloth or we're waiting for a patch to link out performance to agility and attack power. I'm not asking for int/spell power leather from every quest chain but just enough of it to make it possible to gear up with something like the ease of a 'main spec'. So far the lists of moonkin gear for pre-raiding 80 seems to show a lot of cloth gear and more tailoring than leatherworking which kind of defeats the point of going moonkin rather than just rolling a mage.

First episode of the second season of The Guild now live {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 3:24PM Seems that S1 isn't up in the UK right now although S2e01 is available. Trying to queue from the US store gives a 'not available in region' error. Hopefully this will be fixed to allow newcomers to the show on the 360 to catch up on their console of choice.