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Breakfast Topic: The one-of-every-class club {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 8:28AM Soon got three 80 (Mage, Priest and a 79 Huntard) and the other 7 are between 65-74 as runners up. To me the main thing is the experience of how to swing it with all different classes and it helps me deal damage & buffs / utility with my raiding mains to other classes when I know what I can do to help them and what they can do to help me.

I have always been gasping in exasperation when you get a paladin buffing a shadowpriest with Blessing of Might - duh! Gief me BoK or even BoW rather peeps! Playing a rogue has thought me alot more about positioning myself behind enemies or dodging that whirlwind than ever playing a ranged dps class.

And it's great fun to be able to farm on classes that have perks like fishing on a DK with Path of Frost and skinning with a hunter with Aspect of the Pack to speed things up or mining with my rogue and skipping most mobs by stealthing past them in tunnels, etc.

And when I'm bored out of my brains nothing beast taking my warlock out for a bit of whack-a-mole with my void running from one mob to the other and my curses just decimating the fall-out mobs at abt the same rate ;-)

Heirlooms for every slot {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 3:45PM Hey, I levelled my original main mage from 1-70 in 21 day /played... didn't have questhelper then and didn't actually know about addons before I began raiding and get told off the first raid for not having Omen... For a n00b leveling is hell if no-one is helping you to find out the ins and out of the game... Heck I only found out about places on the webby like thottbott after I had hit lv60 and entered Outlands... It was pure hell to level with the vanilla game and try to decipher the quests and find the darn objectives! Especially since at that time the gather objectives didn't glimmer like they do nowadays... =(

Heirlooms for every slot {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 3:27PM Well, frankly you don't really "learn" your character that well while doing a turbo-leveling-hurdle to get to end-game raiding asap. I for instance have ended up using about the three main nukes/moves or each character type I have as alts and just bruteforced my way to 80 and only then can one really begin learning how to _play_ that character class.

Heck, still today I haven't healed even an HC with my priest even thou he's dual spec shadow/holy and farming Naxx-25 at the moment. I'm still learning how to do the shadow priest button/macro dance to get the rotation just-so. Same was with my old main mage during TBC end-game - I had barely even acknowledged spells like Polymorph or Remove Curse before I began raiding Karazhan!

The whole leveling stuff is to milk your monthly fees for a good 6-9 months before you can realistically hit level cap and begin raiding and these RAF & Heirloom & Wintergrasp +xp% bonuses are a way Blizz is trying to not kill the game a) for newcomers with a too long a grind (I've had two friends who both quit at abt. lv56 out of discust and boredom when TBC came out - took them a year to get there...) and b) try to cater for us veterans with a want to have a few alts to facilitate the grind with Heirlooms (that still require alot of PvP/HC's/grinding to get in the first place and are inaccessible for first timers. This ofc is nice that Blizz seems to listen to our QQ, but I'd still happily welcome more +xp gear - loved RAF to get my 8 alts up to lv61 in a flash (you can level your toon to 99,9% of your xp-bar and then grant levels to lv60 to them. The RAF level granter will just add a whole level to your character and not zero the accumulated xp %. Therefore you will end up with toons of level 60 with 99,9% of xp gathered and 1 killed boar will put you over to lv61 ;-) Worked wonders when I brought up my old trusty lv29 PvP rogue at 99% xp with grants to 60 and dinged to 61 with my first hellboar at the Honor Hold gates...

The OverAchiever: Guide to Children's Week achievements {WoW}

May 3rd 2009 6:30PM Dear Blizzard,

Please fire the IDIOT who put old crappy PvP objectives into an otherwise fun achievement.

Trying to stay long enough alive to even attempt to return a flag as a priest in WSG just IS NOT FUN. PERIOD.

Yours Truely,

Zordur, Hellscream, EU

Breakfast Topic: The noob old days {WoW}

Mar 1st 2009 4:15PM My main was a mage and it took me a good 50+ levels to finally get told off in plain english that Amplify Magic isn't amplifying mine or anybody elses offensive magic and is seriously not a good idea in magic battles in instances.

By then I had had Amplify Magic on myself for 50 levels and wondered why all magic weilding NPC's were so OP. Rofl.

Also took me abt. 40 lvl's to find how to set tallents - and a bit off topic earlier when I was playing WC3 - Frosen Throne I never understood that that game has tallent points too until I had wiped on the final battle of Hyjal for a week every night. Then I finally clicked by mistake on the tallents button and after learnin the tallents 1-shotted the final battle without breaking a sweat.

Forum post of the day: Great idea, poor implementation {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 3:42PM As a player who has levelled every character class to atleast lv62 except a warrior in the game and have two lv80 mains I definitely would have needed dual spec pretty much all along the way on most toons.

I have burned thousands of gold in respecs on all my toons save my rogue who has been shadow for all of his carreer. And I happen to like theorycrafting and getting the most bang for the buck after every significant patch / swing of the nerf bat. And unlike GC and many people here claim I've been doing this ever since I noticed that tallents existed when my first main - poor mage - hit 40 without a single tallent point used ;-)

Mages: Seriously need dual spec to be able to stay alive in PvP for 1 sec and be able to do serious dmg in dungeons/grinding. i.e. frost for PvP and FF-build for raids. Dps is dps you say - yes, but staying alive >> getting 1-shotted every 3 s after ressing in a BG in FF-spec.

Paladins: Ret for leveling, Prot for tanking - sure you "can tank" as ret _if_ you have proper tanking gear too but holding aggro is a pain compared to prot spec and the healer needs to do a lot more work. And you do get called to instances even today in the old worlds would you believe it.

Priests: Seriously - I can heal in any spec sure but I have to let people die in any other spec than CoH holy. And seriously speaking I levelled my priest as disc to 40, shadow to 70, disc to 75 and shadow to 80 and now holy for raiding. And I'm still shell shocked by the effect of a holy spec vs. any of the others in healing. And I'm also overwhelmed with having to learn raid healing @ lv80 vs. having been able to do it at earlier levels like the long plateu @ 70. It's a totally different game of whack a mole at that level and insanely tough to get taken anywhere even in a relaxed guild as a noob raid healer at max level.

Druid: I've levelled my druid as balance whole her 68 levels and been left out of a gazillion dungeons because I would not pay the respec cost to go resto or feral for tanking. -> never really got to play instances on a regular basis even thou I would have liked to. Only got some places as dps in outland =(

DK: This is probably the least requiring the dual spec, but I could see myself wanting to have a frost spec to help in heroics vs. my normal unholy grinding spec. At least blizz did a good job in making all three trees viable for tanking and not mixing healing in there.

Hunter: BM used to be the spec and all was well, but now I'd really need duals to get to take my exotic pets out for a walk every so often having to be survival for the time beeing. =(

Warlock: Now here I'm cringing every time I'm off to an instance as I love grinding deep affliction and see them run, burn and be haunted, but dropping badly off the dps meter with a shiftload of backloaded aggro in instances. It would be sooooo much more powerful (and controllable aggro) to be able to spec destro for instances. It just hurts to have to really hold back or pay up every time I go raid.

Shaman: Same woes here as with my druid - elemental for leveling and always asked to heal when trying to get instance groups =( And seriously suck at healing if specced anything else but resto.

Also as a general note for all of these toons to be able to do offspec things like heal in shadow spec one still needs to lug around a hideous amount to gear to pump up regen for healing and still not beeing able to keep the group up as a whole with a only sloooow PoM to do AoE healing vs. Instant cast CoH Love (even with the CD). Some of my toons are hauling along atleast a bag full of extra gear to compensate for the off speccedness and half of the time the offspec gear is substandard as it is since you dont get to need on offspec gear in most groups anyway.

With dual spec I could gather dps gear when I'm shadow and healing gear when holy and get both sets descent.

So yes, I aggree that dual spec is rather moot before 40's or 50's unless you're into lowlv PvP but postponing that till 80 is a miserable failure.

I'd suggest to make dual spec the Big Thing of 50 like mount used to be for 40 and epic mount for 60 and 70 for flying. 50 is a hollow ding as it is and dual spec would fill that gap nicely. Also that would give DK's Dual Spec from the start and upkeep their hero class title aswell.

Should lower levels get Daily Quests? {WoW}

Dec 5th 2007 8:39AM For me money has been a huge problem until I got my main to 60+ then it became easier for all of my 9 alts on the server. Thou it took me 11 weeks after hitting lv70 to grind the money for a flying mount (the normal one) and I'm still nowhere nearer an epic flying mount since all my cash goes towards paying for my lower lv alts (39-54) leveling up and gear upgrades & skill levelling mats on AH. I've been able to fund mounts for all but my two first alts to hit 40 on ding, but that usually drains me rather badly and since I don't have the time to play enough (IRL(tm) gets in the way) to go grind or play raids I never get to the big bucks recipes for JC or enchanting that would actually make me money.

I've recently rolled a new alt on a PvP server and this time around learned to take a profession from the beginning (not @lv 40 like with my main) and money has been a bit easier - I've run so out of money that I couldn't afford tallent training only once by now (@ lv16) with skinning & enchanting as my professions. But I havent managed to accumulate a massive amount of money either... currently with selling everything I collect on AH I've managed to clear 4 16 slot Netherweave bags and 3g of money + trained skills to 155 ench, 225 skinning, 205 cooking, 225 1st aid and lv28 priest spells. So no, I don't think there is enough money to go around for lowlv's with cooking/fishing/1st aid books costing 7g a pop on AH, bags the same and the occasional enchanting rod 10g a pop. And I've ground all of my enchant training mats from instances so no money has gone on AH for anything else than the rods themselves.