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The healer shortage and how to fix it {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 3:49PM To all the healers that kept my bear upright in BC, and keep my DK tank going to genereate boss hatred, Thank You.

I'm a tank and I love my healers, guilded, pugged, good, and bad. I can't do my job when they don't do theirs.

Death Knight's Death Grip as crowd control {WoW}

Dec 18th 2008 7:51AM I remember Allisons Healing complaint about using DG to pull. I've also been tanking heroics with an Unholy spec for a few weeks now and reliably and comfortably pull using DG.

Her main complaint was that pulling with DG caused the tank to take damage sooner into the pull and didn't aggro the other mobs.

Both of these are easily solved.

1) have bone shield up at the start of the pull. With 23k armor unbuffed and bone shield, a single mob hitting me 2 seconds earlier does not warrant any heals on me.

2) cast Death and Destruction before you use DG. This forces all mobs to run to you and aggro you. Not to mention, the mob you gripped you hit with Icy Touch and Plague Strike and by the time the other mobs are close you can apply pestilence to get your diseases ticking on all of them.

By that time as Unholy, you will have enough RP to through Unholy Blight out there and I guarantee the healer will never pull aggro from you. Nor will your mages or locks or any other AOE class. Only focused DPS on a non primary target will steal aggro from your AOE, and if the DPS can pull that, they can tank it too.

Patch 3.0.8: Analysis of Death Knight changes {WoW}

Dec 12th 2008 7:35AM These chagnes are an overall buff to our tanking abilities and I am looking forward to them going live.

Runestrike won't impact us while providing DPS since we shouldn't have the mobs aggro for us to be dodging and parrying. While the loss of its damage is made up my lower runic power costs on our 51 point abilities and no cooldown on pestilence.

DKs are in good shape.

Death Knight changes for the PTR announced {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 7:27PM Our Tanking, especially AOE was just improved. On paper I beleive we will be fine for mitigation, and a whole lot of little annoyances appear to be addressed.

I give a more in depth review on my blog at

Lichborne: A Death Knight statistics primer {WoW}

Dec 7th 2008 5:22PM Getting defense capped is actually pretty easy between quests, rep, and regular 5 mans. I have a list here.

These are obviously not best in class items for each slot and don't take enchants into much account, Titanweave cloak on my server runs 600g give or take, but they get the job done and get you uncritable.

The Queue: Shields, forums, and more on raid difficulty {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 2:56PM I recently started a Death Knight blog that will focus on casual raiding and tanking in that environment. In BC I played a Feral Druid tank that made it into T5 while holding down a fulltime job, wife, and kids.

If you're interested it can be found at

I also have links to Big Red Kitty and Big Bear Butt for hunters and druids and its not a blog but if you play a warlock I can't recommend the Warlocks Den enough.

Ghostcrawler's thoughts on Death Knights {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 9:14PM All in all I like the thoughts GC has on our class. See my full opinion here.

Lichborne: Reputation rewards for Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King {WoW}

Dec 1st 2008 7:54AM I've also stayed up with the EJ threads for dps and tanking, but I do believe haste has some value. Rune Strike is sped up by haste. As your parry and dodge increase it will proc more often and start to replace more and more white hits. At level 78 my rune strikes hit for low 3ks and crit for 6k about 30% of the time for an average of about 3900 per hit compared to and average 1500 white damage.

On a 5 minute boss fight with a 3.5 speed wep you should get about 86 weapon swings with no haste. Lets say your parry and dodge are enough that you can convert 40% of your swings to rune strikes. Over the 5 minutes you will do 211,560 damage just from melee and rune strikes.

Now lets add enough haste to bring your swing counter down to 3.15. You are now getting 95 swings in, which adds another 22,140 in damage which translates to 73.8 additional dps.

I'm not saying stack haste above everything else, just don't consider it useless.

Lichborne: Death Knight Tanking, part 2 {WoW}

Nov 17th 2008 7:54AM As a former Bear who is planning on tanking with my new DK I would add the following. DK AOE tanking is 360 threat and damage with D&D etc. However, you should still back up against a wall, or at the least do everything you can to keep all the mobs your holding in front of you. You can't dodge or parry the mobs behind you so you will take more damage if you let them get there.

Plus, if your not backed up against a wall you will suffer knockback. That will pull your mobs out of you D&D. Ergo your threat goes down and someone hits a squishy.

Make your healers happy, keep the all the mobs in front of you.

As for AOE tanking, I'm Unholy and pop unholy blight as early as possible for addition AOE threat. I also have desecration which slows all the mobs down and pumps my damage and additional 5% which helps on the threat side.

Last note, if your tanking early north rend content your dps will most likely seriously outgear you. Remind them to follow kill order and watch Omen and everything should be fine.

Many realms back online after emergency maintenance {WoW}

Nov 12th 2008 12:43PM I just hope we won't miss a world event due to the servers being down.