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Breakfast Topic: Class vs. content {WoW}

Sep 10th 2008 4:25PM Enhancement is my passion...

I could not agree more!

(Here's hoping we do not have to wear dresses in Wrath.)

Ask A Beta Tester: Death Knights, bears, and buckets {WoW}

Aug 1st 2008 9:43PM Thank you for the response, Mr. Whitcomb. Now if only wowhead would list those (obviously subject to change) runic power costs...

Ask a Beta Tester: More Titan's Grip {WoW}

Jul 31st 2008 4:05PM Death Knight question.

I have read that all Runic Power goes away when an ability that requires Runic Power is used. However, not all abilities (that I see on wowhead) indicate how the ability scales with Runic Power. My question: Do all abilities that require Runic Power actually scale with the amount of Runic Power one has? It would be a letdown if they did not.

To draw an analogy: A Rogue needs Combo Points to perform a finishing move. However, no finishing move has a flat effect whether the Rogue spent one or five Combo Points. They all scale with more points.

Blizzard's Wrath talents updated {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 11:27PM So, what's the story with Maelstrom Weapon? Some sources indicate that 5/5 reduces cast time by 100%. The Blizzard page indicates cast time is only reduced by 20%. Sorry, but the latter is pretty useless to Enhancement. The 100% might actually be worth something.

Wintergrasp still aiming to fix World PvP problems {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 9:36PM "We can't wait."

Yes... plenty of us can, in fact, wait. Personally, it's a zone I'll never visit, and as long as they do not put PvE quests in there, fine by me.

Breakfast Topic: Why is this hard? {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 12:26AM Nick S nailed it on the head: Visceral. Hunters (and all ranged DPS) lack the visceral appeal of a lot of other classes. My 70s are, in general, all about the visceral fun of it: Enhancement Shaman (Elemental? yawn), Feral Druid (Laserchickens are okay, but ranged? meh.), Prot Pally (killing 15 things at once ROCKS!). Only my Warlock is a pet class, but he's not nearly as much raw fun as the melee toons. Oh, two healers, too... but those are for grouping, not for raw fun.

I tried my hand at Mages... and they bored me to tears. Hunters, also, are generally dull... mine languishes at 60. Still, maybe they would be more fun if I fought as above... trying to always be fighting 3+ baddies. That sounds like it's worth trying.

Still, "in yer face" toons are much more satisfying. That's what your problem is with Hunters, Mr. Rossi.

More calls for midlevel content, the return {WoW}

Jun 2nd 2008 8:32PM I had a crazy idea about adding mid-level stuff. It centers around the notion of account-bound items, which I believe Blizzard is exploring for Wrath.

First, one of the problems with the current model that Blizzard follows is that it is vertical - the only way to go is "up" in levels, and things get crowded at the cap. Eventually, the game becomes top-heavy. Whether or not this leads to it tipping over and collapsing under its own weight is left to the thoughts of the pessimistic or optimistic reader.

I believe that adding low and mid-level quests and zones as an outlet for the activities of the player base would relieve the stress at the top, but only if you made play at those levels beneficial somehow to the "main" at the level cap. Currently, a mid-level toon cannot in any way provide value to a level-capped main. Account-bound items, which are items that can be sent between characters on an account but not to other players, could change that.

Imagine a scenario in which players could do two new things:

1 - "Freeze" their XP bar voluntarily whenever they wish.
2 - Take "level-only" quests that can only be completed in instances, and only if everyone in the party (if not a soloable instance, which is something also worth exploring) was of the appropriate level.

With those two simple structures in place, we can create situations in which playing low/mid level toons can benefit a level-capped main. Imagine, for instance, that the mid-level quests that can only be completed with level-appropriate toons rewarded account-bound items that scaled remarkably well... such as trinkets that improve spell damage or attack power by a percentage, or inscription-like scrolls that permanently enhanced abilities, again in a scalable fashion. There are plenty of people that would create alts to run lower level areas to get these scalable upgrades. Throw in account-bound items at different levels of instances, which can be combined by a character at the level cap into an even more powerful item (which at that point soulbinds, and cannot be sent between toons), and you may well be able to set up a thriving culture of low and mid level questing that benefits end game efforts.

There can be many benefits to creating a desire for level-capped players to create alts to run lower level content. It would reduce the top-heavy nature of the game, for one. Second, it would allow Blizzard to build on existing content without it seeming like a "waste." Finally, new players will have that many more opportunities to meet and play with seasoned players, thus giving them a chance to learn, and a chance for beneficial relationships to be made.

Frost Mages and Frost Death Knights {WoW}

May 29th 2008 9:23PM Maybe they should call it the "Rime" tree.

No, then people would just confuse it with the "Rhyme" tree... for the new Bard class! :-P

Breakfast Topic: Do you pay attention to 25-man progression? {WoW}

May 28th 2008 3:35PM I must admit to being surprised at a lot of the responses here.

I do not care about world, U.S., or server firsts. The raid game holds no interest to me at all. The only reason I know that some European guild was the first to kill the last boss in Sunwell was that there was an article on this site with that in the title. Did I read the article? No. I never read Guildwatch, either, as it simply means nothing to me.

That said, I'd have guessed I was in the minority for WoW Insider readers.

My guess is that a large number of people who play the game never hit the forums or sites like this. They play a small scale game with friends and people they met online. To them, world firsts are irrelevant. For the people who come to sites like this, though, I'd have guessed there was a higher raiding population. Perhaps it is a bad assumption on my part, but I'd have been certain that raiders more readily follow server progression at the least, and world progression to a degree.

Maybe there are more people here like me, who hunger for news about the game, rather than columns like Guildwatch or articles about world firsts.

When the going gets tough {WoW}

May 27th 2008 2:53PM I don't think I agree with Breanni at all.

Perhaps it's been too long and I do not remember any pain along the way... time heals all wounds and all... but I found with my Shamans (2 at level 70) that Enhancement is an extremely fast build. I had almost nothing in the way of downtime, and would kill things faster than most of my other toons (70s of four other classes, 60+ with three classes... Mages bore me, never topped 30). Ranking Shamans anywhere near the bottom seems insane to me.

With a Shadow Priest, it always seemed the balance was between killing slowly but non-stop, and unloading but having to drink every few fights. The downtime to get max DPS was frustrating. I hate downtime.

Affliction Warlocks, after about 30, are amazing. High speed, several mobs at a time, never stop to drink. Would not kill a single foe as fast as most of my other characters, but would be killing a handful at a time. Efficient.

All that said, I agree that fast/efficient levelling comes more from knowing the quests and the zones than it does from any particular class. A Hunter who does not know his way around will level less quickly than a Warrior who does.

Another major factor is how a class resonates with a player. That impacts level speed. As I mentioned, Mages bore me, so I never finished one. But Shamans... I love them, and can blitz the world with them. So, play what you like, the levels will come.