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Breakfast Topic: What if you knew the day WoW would go offline? {WoW}

Aug 13th 2009 8:53AM I've never been tempted to get a FigurePrint before, but if I knew when WoW was coming to an end I might spend some time farming a set of iconic gear for my main and get a FigurePrint made.

I don't think I'dmove on to another MMO. My wife and I played Dark Age of Camelot together when we first got married, and we've spent the last year or so in WoW as a cheap means of entertainment, but we plan to have kids at some point and if we haven't retired from WoW when the lights go out, we certainly wouldn't pick up a new game to replace it.

The lost art of crowd control {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 5:19PM I'm always on sheep duty in the Antechamber as well; that entry chamber is so small that the guys who cast Chain Lightning are brutal on healers.

I also use Counterspell to shut down the Dark Rune casters in the Razorscale encounter -- again, that Chain Lightning hurts -- but when Razorscale goes down, everyone forgets about the casters. We try to do a good job of planning the pull so we don't bring her down right as a new wave comes in, but I've seen people turn away from the caster they've almost DPSed down and rushes to mob the drake.

WoW Rookie: Save everything, sell everything {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 1:32PM I learned a while back that most Northrend grey weapons and armor sell for at least one gold. Heck, even a full stack of fur clothing scraps(?) will sell for close to one gold.

The 3.2 change that allows you to see the vendor price of an item without needing an addon is fantastic. There are addons that will automatically dump the lowest-value grey trash from your bags when they start getting full (I have never used them, so I can't recommend one in particular).

WoW Rookie: Save everything, sell everything {WoW}

Aug 12th 2009 1:27PM Yeah, Skraps, that's why Blizzard now makes mining nodes despawn a couple of minutes after they're mined; because of asshats like you.

Death to spell power plate {WoW}

Aug 11th 2009 5:34PM "I have question though- how on earth would you reckon that whacking an enemy would heal my buddies?"

Try playing a 4th Edition D&D Cleric and you'll see how...

The Queue: Wherein The Queue has as much consistency as Smodcast {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 4:19PM I thought I covered dueling with the "No PvP", and I don't know how you get a PvP trinket without PvP or the quest out in Hellfire Peninsula.

Same with the "avoid doing quests" rule; that covers Nesingwary, the Wrathgate, and the arena quest chains in Nagrand and Zul'Drak.

I forgot about bank slots, dual spec, haircuts and tabards, but I don't know how you get a mount from anyone other than your own faction without having rep with them. Can you even add a mount to your collection without riding skill? It seems like learning the mount is what counts towards the achievement, not acquiring them.

I covered the food and drinks by suggesting sticking to mage food. That limits you to about 8 or 9 of each.

I overlooked rare spawns! I saw at least two rare spawns in Outland when I was leveling my Shaman alt recently (only got to kill one of them, someone beat me to the other one).
You wouldn't be able to level your weapon skill to 400 until after you hit 80, so no worries there. Same with equipping ilevel 187 gear -- is there any BoE gear that's ilevel 187 that you can equip before 80? (Actually, there is; you can get a piece for every slot except wand/relic, cloak, and trinkets. Huh.);maxle=200;maxrl=79;cr=3;crs=1;crv=0#0+12+1

Ooh, I missed the Collector's Edition and special event pets -- no mailing yourself a Baby Blizzard Bear! (I assumed that unless you got really lucky, you'd be unlikely to get a minipet as a drop.)

That actually brings up another point. Will Blizzard have a Feat of Strength for their 5th anniversary the way they did for the 4th? If so, you might want to skip playing that character for the last week of November. (Or do we want to allow for Feats of Strength that do not award achievement points?)

Cataclysm races leaked {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:26PM "Goblins I can see but no way would any alliance race want anything to do with a worgen."

Then why is my gnome mage spending an hour a day chasing chickens and blowing up stone behemoths for their heads in Sholazar Basin?

The Goblins will be a heretofore unseen faction out of Undermine, and the Worgen may be coming out of Gilneas, as speculated.

Cataclysm races leaked {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:22PM There is a difference:

MMO-Champion asserted that Worgen and Goblins would be the new playable races based on datamining and speculation. asserts that Worgen and Goblins would be the new playable races based on insider reports (which may or may not exist).

The Queue: Wherein The Queue has as much consistency as Smodcast {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 11:59AM "My thought is that you'd need to run instances a ton, or else you'd get the quest achievements."

But you get achievements for running instances, so unless you do all but the last boss of instances...

To get to 80 with no achievements but the levelling ones (and without using Refer A Friend to grant levels), you'd have to:

* Not play a Death Knight -- you start off with First Aid trained up, so you've shot it right out of the gate.
* Probably have a wealthy patron, since you won't get any gear upgrades from questing.
* Avoid doing quests as much as possible, which means you should avoid playing a Shaman, Paladin, Druid, or any other class that requires questing to gain access to class features.
* Not take a single tradeskill and never learn riding; if you're playing as a Paladin or Warlock, you'd have to be careful not to train for your mounts, since those grant the associated Riding skill.
* Never finish an instance; some achievements only require a specific boss to be killed, so be careful.
* Turn off autoloot and make sure you don't loot any money from mobs you kill; grouping with someone who loots the money won't necessarily work since money is auto-split among pary members.
* Be careful to follow definite routes to avoid exploring an entire zone (and avoid Isle of Quel'Danas and Moonglade, since they are are explored all at once -- no playing a Druid for you!)
* Not take part in any holiday events.
* Be careful what you feed your character so you don't get Tastes Like Chicken or It's Happy Hour Somewhere; probably should stick to the mage foods.
* Be careful where you jump down from so you don't get Going Down?.
* Be careful not to gain reputation with anyone (although if you're not questing, you'll avoid pretty much all rep gain).
* Avoid doing PvP so you don't get Know Thy Enemy by accident.

Anything else I missed?

And at the end, you'll have a gimped level 80 in most-likely-subpar gear. Wheee!

Patch 3.2 In-Game fixes for Wednesday August 5th {WoW}

Aug 6th 2009 2:34AM We started Ulduar with a fresh raid ID tonight and got swarmed with adds as well.