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So... did you get a PS3? {Engadget}

Nov 17th 2006 8:52AM I was in a WalMart last night at around 10 or so to pick up some food. Decided to give it a shot waiting on line, no camping just hanging out there for 2 hours. Well after waiting (was number 10 on line btw) I was told that they only recieved 8 and were not doing rain checks on the remaining items that they were supposed to have. I was told by the asst. mgr. that the vouchers were to be offered up by Sony and not WalMart. So after arguing with the guy for 5 minutes, I was told to leave the store. So I did, I guess no big loss but I could've/should've gotten something for that. Ah well....guess thats the lovely geniuses that work at walmart.

Nerf FEAR! {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 4:53PM I play a rogue. An undead rogue. Even with WotF and the pvp trinket fears arent too big of the issue. The big issue that I as a rogue see is the fact that there are wayyyy too many instant cast dots. Ill get a full line of dots on me before I can even get near the guy sometimes. And then he'll death coil me, which isnt breakable by those abilities, and before I know it Im dead. Now I know Im not the greatest PvP rogue ever, Im a sword rogue, but even still the sheer amount of Dots available sometimes just sucks.

Breakfast Topic: New Classes {WoW}

Nov 6th 2006 10:51AM I think it'd be cool if they had more classes like Diablo 2 had. Make a hunter specialize into either Bow Damage or melee proc damage (Amazon). Have a warlock spec into Necromancy for better pet damage and no dots, or into Bone for better dots and ranged attacks.

Sure there is already a bit of specialization in WoW however if you ever played Diablo 2 or possibly guild wars or any number of games, you had a real need for a different spec and it made those characters unique. From the way it is now theres very few viable end game off specs anymore. Most people expect that if you have the ability to heal, then you spec for healing. And if you have the ability to tank, you spec for tanking. Yes there are alot of guilds and raiders that use alot of off spec because frankly thats what the game is about, but if we had more of a specialization that really made those classes more powerful at what they do, I think it'd make for a very interesting expansion or patch.

Breakfast Topic: That Makes No Sense! {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2006 9:30AM Always wondered why big dragons carry around some hats *cough*onyxia*cough*? Or why a big monster of flame carries around some pants, anything you wanna tell us Rag? Bears with shotguns is just "eh" maybe he ate some hunter and swallowed the gun, who knows? But the bigger bosses just hording away pants and hats is just a little odd.

Breakfast Topic: PvE to PvP Transfers? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2006 8:23AM In my own experiences, I started out on a PvE server, I leveled him to 43 and sort of retired him to play on a PvP server with more friends of mine. I leveled my main to 60 in less time than it took me to get my 43 Druid to where he was. Maybe it was because I was a noob at the time and had no idea what I was doing, but I just thought that PvE was alot more boring. However now that Im looking to create an alt itd be great to transfer over my druid to where I am now, with all of his gold and items that hes found already rather than starting from scratch. Unfortunatly Blizz doesnt allow this. However I have to ask on the "its easier to level on a PvE" if Im only 43, does it make that big of a difference? For instance maybe Blizz could open up the transfers for people not level 60 yet. I just hate how his gold and items are just sitting there doing nothing for me, when I could have much better use for him as an alt on my main server.

Breakfast Topic: Best and Worst Looking Race {WoW}

Oct 12th 2006 8:28AM I'm gonna say alot of that has to depend on their class also.

Warrior -- Tauren

Hunter -- Troll

Rogue -- Undead

Mage -- They all look the same

Druid -- Night Elf (Taurens just look awkward in some gear)

Lock -- Gnome

Shaman -- Tauren

Pally -- Dwarf

Priest -- Undead

I play Horde and I love the way alot of horde look in their armors. The alliance classes are all too generic sometimes for me and well...I just hate alliance.

Sony goes PS3 kiosk crazy {Joystiq Playstation}

Sep 28th 2006 9:00AM I think that Sony's decision to have demo kiosks is one of the best they could've made. Yes it does hamper the ability to get one this holiday season, and yes it sucks that they wont be going into the market for sales and such. However it won't hurt them in the long run. The more exposure they can get to the people who are somewhat less educated on next-gen consoles and disc technology this will be a huge selling tool for them. If they can get more people to want the PS3 and more people to realize the potential, then more people will buy it. These demo kiosks arent for us fanboys, or people who might want one eventually, theyre for the people on the edge of buying a 360 or a PS3 or the Nintendo. If sony is trying to sell the PS3 as an experience, then it needs to be shown off as such. If you were buying speakers for something, would you buy them without knowing how they sound? Whether you knew enough about them or not, you'd still want to hear them. So for Sony its a push to get more people exposed to the PS3 and show off some of its power, which most retailers are taking down their kiosks of the 360. Also to some other commenters, I still dont think theres one of those "HAVE TO HAVE" games for the 360. There are some good ones, and some not so good ones. Just nothing thats made me really want to buy one. I think that PS3 might have some better games for launch in terms of wow factor and just different types of games. And regarding an Online Service, I use my computer for online gaming. I play consoles to have fun with friends when theyre over and to play games that I can play for 20, 30 minutes at a time, and be done with. Im really not in a big rush to get all my stuff online, it just isnt that big of a deal to me, and alot of other people.

Magic Message Mirror on display at CEDIA {Engadget}

Sep 21st 2006 9:52PM Kind of reminds me of the same mirrors Disney has in their Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World in Orlando, FL for the past 15 years....

Breakfast Topic: Gold Buying And You {WoW}

Sep 14th 2006 8:13AM As far as gold buying goes, I know a bit of people that have done it, and like you say, most use it for their epic mounts. Now I dont condone it either, but I dont think its really that bad. One big part of it is that some things in the game are just too damn expensive. Prices for BoE epics and other items in game have reach an all time high on some servers and for the average player who doesnt have time to farm all day gold buying is a very viable alternative. You pay X amount of dollars and instantly [or quickly] you gold is there right in front of you. No farming, no worrying about the other faction ganking you while your farming. If things werent so expensive I dont think we'd see alot of the gold buying we do see, however I still think that some things need to be inherentily more expensive as well. Its not a "OMG GIVE ME FREE EPIX" thing, its simply Blizzard has gone and made some things so expensive that if your not a hardcore player you may never see that Mount or Item for a loooong loooooong looooooooooong time.

World of Warcraft may steal your soul on the consoles... {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 29th 2006 5:02PM I really doubt it will ever come to consoles unless it requires a special keyboard interface to use. Either controller will be wayyyy to limited for any game play of WoW on either system, barring specs at all. The number of inputs required by the standard wow player greatly outnumbers eithter the PS3 or the 360 interface. And what of 3rd party interfaces for WoW often modded UI.