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Server transfers bedevil hopeful Season 2 contenders {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 11:49PM I have also lost my title due to the emergency maintenance that happened Wednesday morning.

Basically, from what I've seen, the majority of us had our titles with the server transfer and lost it after the maintenance, and Blizzard doesn't realize this.


I logged in the Tuesday morning of the beginning of Season 3 only to find that I had Duelist rather than the Gladiator title and Merciless Nether Drake I had expected.

I petition, it's answered within about 30 minutes, I am assured by the GM that there were no complications. So I did some investigating, petitioned again, this time I am again assured that there were no complications. I asked the GM if he could escalate the ticket and he refused.

I accept the fact that I may have in fact lost 70 ranks over night and dropped out of Gladiator ranking. I server transfer and DO NOT lose my Duelist title.

Later that night Blizzard publicly announced here that incorrect titles had been awarded and later that night updated the post informing us that there would be a maintenance to fix this problem.

I head to sleep, wake up the next morning after the maintenance and find that I now have no title whatsoever. Blizzard's maintenance bugged out my title.

I petitioned that morning at about 8:00PM PST, it was answered and escalated at roughly 10:00PM. 5 days later it's answered by a GM Specialist, I explain the whole situation and he sends me my Merciless Nether Drake then tells me I can't have my title reimbursed. I argue why I lost it in the first place and he speaks with his supervisor. After a few minutes of being unable to work out a solution he has the supervisor speak to me himself.

Senior Specialist X messages me, goes over the situation to make sure he understands, and tells me he will be doing what he can over the next few days to have my title reimbursed, but there were no gurantees. That was about 1 week ago.

Now lets throw down a few different scenarios.

1. If Blizzard didn't screw up in the first place with their patch, we would all have our correct titles and awards.

2. If Blizzard employees weren't misinformed and didn't refuse to escalate my ticket, I wouldn't have server transferred before the maintenance and would still have my title.

3. If Blizzard's maintenance simply didn't screw up as bad as their initial patch period, I would still have my title.

Blizzard, you need to realize the fact that we HAD titles when we transferred. We didn't lose our titles. So no warnings you may have given us regarding the possible loss of titles with Paid Transfers would be valid. YOUR maintenance lost us our titles, and it is YOUR job to fix it. I didn't work all season and pay $25 to lose what I worked for.