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Are raiders becoming obsolete? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 9:16AM I've been both a hardcore raider and a casual player since open beta. When I see posts like the one Neg posted I can't help but see someone who's lost the point of the game. Game, it's a game, an amusement or pastime.

There's too many people that try to apply logic to WoW which turns the game into a job. They get into a mindset of doing it for gear instead of fun. I think what a lot of people don't realize is that for the majority of people the act of raiding isn't fun. The fun comes from the people you play with, the content you see, and of course the loot you obtain. In a single player game you get rewarded by an ending and the accomplishment of beating it. In WoW you get more loot to fight another boss and the cycle continues. This obviously wears on most people and people start feeling like "What's the point?"

Whenever you do something in WoW or any MMO you need to ask yourself "Am I having fun?" If you can honestly say no then you need to take a break or quit. Because if you're playing WoW and not having fun it's likely time to take some time off or find another game.

What I suggest doing for those that aren't hardcore raiders is play WoW until you get bored. At that point cancel your account(Your characters and items will be there when you get back.) and when a new content patch or expansion comes out with new content that you're interested in, reactivate your account and play until you feel bored again.

Being bored just for the sake of gear is just silly. This is a game and you should be enjoying yourself. Keep that in mind the next time you fire up WoW.

Fear of hackers may make me play WoW on a Mac full-time {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 11:52PM Security through obscurity while a very valid argument against professional malware and viruses writers attacking Mac OS X with it only having roughly 20 million users. The fact that not even hobby virus writers have been able to release something in the wild is pretty surprising considering the disdain towards Mac OS X by many users of other operating systems. Either way you have to agree that for the meantime Mac users have very little to worry about compared to Windows users. Obviously that can change over time, but for now Mac OS X is safer than Windows.

As for the people saying they've been hacked while using a Mac, there's many possible reasons that it could have happened. There's also no way to know everything that was involved in you getting hacked. You may honestly believe that you had done nothing wrong, but there's likely things that have slipped or not crossed your mind that could have caused your account to be compromised.

Now don't take me as a Mac evangelist, I use Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Also I personally believe that you should use all security available to you. I still use NoScript in Firefox on Mac OS X and while it can be annoying sometimes I take my security very seriously. I use my Mac for all my daily things like web browsing and email. My Windows machine is used for gaming only, nothing accesses the web save for World of Warcraft and Windows Update. Finally I have Linux(Ubuntu, Slackware, and Gentoo in Virtual PC). Another thing I can suggest I would never use auto update addon software, even on Mac OS X. There's just too many chances for something to slip by. Try to limit your addons and download them manually in .zip form or not use them at all if you can live without them. Addon sites have been known to have been compromised in the past including Curse so always make sure to check your addon folders and look for any suspicious files(Mainly .exes). I personally only use Omen, DBM, and Itemrack.

If you're able to keep your Windows machine from accessing the web(Even with Firefox) besides WoW you're for the most part safe from the majority of attacks malware writers use. Just make sure to install as little as possible on your Windows machine and stick to mainstream software.

Besides the people that give out their passwords to friends or use the same username and password for multiple websites or games. The majority of attacks are done through addons using .exe executables, auto update addon suites, and finally ads and websites that were compromised.

Mark, I know I feel the same lately and every time I log on to WoW I can't help but feel that this time I'll login to naked characters despite all my effort in avoiding it. In the end it's just about being smart about where you go and using every method of protection possible.

Server transfers bedevil hopeful Season 2 contenders {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 7:40AM This situation while not as dire is not much different from the fiasco with the 2.0 patch before BC where many people lost a good majority of their bank contents, I being one of them. Many people thought they got hacked, but it was definitely related to the patch. What happened was the bags in the bank slots for many people disappeared. This caused the items to be put in the overflow they have in the game for problems similar to this. After contacting a GM about the bags missing they restored them and I put everything back. I thought everything was fine until a few days later during maintenance all the items in my bank that were originally in the overflow disappeared which was roughly 90% of my bank items. It took multiple weeks and multiple petitions to get even 10% of my items back that were in my bank. Eventually they told me they wouldn't restore the rest and the stuff they did give back they wouldn't restore the enchantments on. This right here is another example of Blizzard being at fault and ignoring/blaming their customers for something their patch/maintenance did.

If it hadn't been for the fact of BC being a few months away I probably would have called it quits right then and there since I lost all my resist and tank gear(Mostly Tier 2 and a few Tier 3 pieces) which was literally years of work(I had been playing for two years at that point). Luckily BC was reset everything. But it makes you think about how all that work can just up and vanish.

The best part of all of this is I logged on the PTR a few weeks before the 2.0 patch went live and noticed my bank bags were missing and reported the issue. I'm guessing they either didn't read it or shrugged it off as a PTR-only bug.