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Known issues with Patch 4.0.1 {WoW}

Oct 12th 2010 1:57PM Known issues are known.

There isn't a game in the history of computers that has ever gone live without known bugs. If the severity and priority aren't that high then the software is released with them in it and they're patched as and when. It's standard opertaing procedure in all software testing and nothing to worry about.

The Queue: What's that, Deathwing? {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 12:28PM Is there any sign of the Great Northrend XP Nerf coming in patch 4.0.1?

WoW Rookie: These darn kids today need to learn ... {WoW}

Sep 9th 2010 11:25AM "... to learn to assist train."

I couldn't agree more. This is such a n00bish thing not to know about. Out of interest though, how would you choose to describe this to someone who didn't know what you meant? I mean, I kow how I'd explain it, obviously, but wonder how you would choose to...

Defining Playstyles: Beyond casual vs. hardcore {WoW}

Sep 1st 2010 4:09AM Sounds to me like you're a Serious Socialiser. I'm more of a Hobbyist Jenkins myself.

Breakfast Topic: Tired of Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 31st 2010 9:27AM There may or may not be some form of precipitation within an undefined period of time.

Breakfast Topic: Tired of Cataclysm {WoW}

Aug 31st 2010 9:02AM I hate to be that asshat who picks a hole in the article, but Blizzard have most definitely not "insisted" that it will be out in 2010. They have repeatedly said it's on course, but have never once ruled out leaving it until next year.

The Queue: The cleavening {WoW}

Aug 17th 2010 3:47AM Many thanks for all your answers. Kvanje, have ten points for supplting the definitive one!

The Queue: The cleavening {WoW}

Aug 16th 2010 11:15AM Have there been any whispers about nerfing Northrend XP before Cataclysm in the same way that Outland was nerfed before Wrath?

The Queue: Howl at the nonexistent moon {WoW}

Apr 6th 2010 11:33AM Maybe someone threw a quick SEP field around it?

Beware of WoW Armory phishing scams [Updated] {WoW}

Jan 15th 2010 1:29PM Sorry to hijack the first comment but there's an EU version of this and it'd be good if you could add it to the post.

The correct EU address is but the first sponsored link starts and is a similar scam, if not the same one. One of our guildies fell for this at the turn of the year.

For us Brits, it's also worth bearing in mind that there's no 'u' in an American armoury, so beware if you search that way.