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Tier 8 set bonuses hit the PTR {WoW}

Mar 19th 2009 12:18AM Mage bonuses!?!
are you kidding me those are SICK.

Arcane Brilliance: Arcanapalooza {WoW}

Jan 25th 2009 9:02PM So what you're saying is that yes, you did take information straight from the thread, but no you will not credit them for their research and testing. Additionally, in the future you might credit the places where you get information from?

I have no issue with posting strats/builds/whatever. I think its good. There is obviously value to you in the 'various mage sites' you visit.

It doesn't need to be exact cut and paste to be plagiarism.

"If I were to cut and paste his writing wholesale, or use his information and theroycraft exclusively without citing said information, that would be plagiarism."

Even though it is the internet, creators of information should probably be given credit.

Arcane Brilliance: Arcanapalooza {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 5:54PM Please give credit to the Elitest Jerks forum/Manly for this blatant rip off article from the 'New Arcane Thread'.

Skill Mastery: Deep Freeze {WoW}

Sep 12th 2008 5:15PM Shhh... Nobody seems to realize that this is probably the best 51pt ability in the entire expansion. Between nova, fingers of frost, and frostbite your enemy will have a freeze effect at almost all times. 5 sec stun on 24 sec cooldown with 2-4k damage for reasonable mana? Damn.

The fastest way to play Arena PvP {WoW}

May 1st 2008 6:24PM The simple fact is that bindings are the fastest.
I don't know why I'm responding here because you all seem to be delusional. Can people possibly think that taking your eyes off the screen, stopping manuvering (outside of keyboard turning...), then trying to move your eyes back to your screen.
I can understand that people may be used to clicking buttons, but it's simply inferior.

My main is a mage, I have a level 70 priest and warlock as well. All of my characters, including my twinks, are fully keybound for all useful abilities.

An example: You're a mage and you are in the arena. You are dpsing a warrior and his healer just broke sheep. Warrior is almost dead and you need to cs the heal to win. If you don't use focus targeting (and if you're too lazy to bind, your probably too lazy for focus), you need to change targets then find CS before the first heal gets off (1.5 seconds or less, even less if you count lag). Keybinder has the chance to do this, clicker will miss the counterspell every time. (and probably lose because of it)

Even less used abilities like flame/frost shield probably won't be used effectively if they aren't keybound. And every 30 seconds people want to take the time to go click ice barrier? How fast can you iceblock/trinket/wotf if you have to hunt and click? Do you want your healer sitting in a fear/cyclone while you die because they're trying to click their trinket button?

Last of all, binding is *EASY*. Just download bongos and use the keybinding system there. If you're still too stubborn go watch some high level arena movies over at Watch how fluid and fast they are.

Breakfast Topic: Team ratings and arena gear {WoW}

Dec 12th 2007 2:28PM You guys don't even know what the change means. You now need to have a personal and team rating over the threshold in order to purchase weapon/shoulders. The previous issue was having two 'dummies' on your team to continually drop your rating while the two 'mains' would come on once the team was at like 1300-1400 and raise it up to about 1600. Then switch back to the dummies and nuke your team again. What resulted was immensely inflated personal ratings for the mains. People on 1600 teams had personal ratings 1850+ and were getting s3 weapons. The change makes sense for everyone who was abusing to get their rating, but somewhat hurts people like me who are on shared teams and have legitimate personal ratings over the 1850 threshold.