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Be thankful, Killzone 2 double XP multiplayer starts this weekend {Joystiq Playstation}

Nov 25th 2009 3:42AM Will I be able to use the discounted US DLC for my European version of the game? Thanks.

PSN Tuesday: Turkey Thursday 2009 edition {Joystiq}

Nov 25th 2009 3:40AM Will I be able to use the Killzone 2 DLC for my european version of the game?

Arcane Brilliance: Patch 3.0.8, or Blizzard's love letter to Arcane Mages {WoW}

Dec 15th 2008 3:49AM "I love to hate Warlocks. I can't see why I should have to apologize about something I've been so consistent about."

Wonder if that works for getting out of speeding tickets?!

"No I refuse to pay the ticket, cause I'm consistently speeding, Mr. Police man"...

Just to put things in perspective... ;-)

Arcane Brilliance: The wonders of Frostfire {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 3:53AM I agree with Pez.

Playing a mage myself, I'm sick and tired of all the ranting between mages and locks, especially when coming from a - besides this - good wowinsider-writer. It's not even from a forum troll.

Please try to be the bigger man - particularly when representing and inspiring mages in a column like this. It's embarasing to listen to that old record playing over and over and over again...
In case you're just trying to be funny... you're not. ;-)

In my old guild mages and locks worked together to help each other out whenever possible - we weren't enemies, we were actually working as a team and frequently visited each others chat channels just for the pleasure of it. Worked out fine for us, hope it can for others as well...

Become a better Super Stardust HD player {Joystiq Playstation}

Sep 4th 2008 4:02PM I'm pretty sure this video is available for download on the PSN network under Super Stardust HD videos. Can't remember if it were the US or EU version of the PSN - I just know I downloaded it and got it on my PS3 last week... in a bigger version. :-)

Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 7:18AM PvE: always buff and make table. No discussion.

How can you write:

"For those mages out there. Stop being so damn stingy and drop a table to HELP your other team mate. For those of you who AREN'T mages.............if you dont get a table, dont buff/heal/protect the mage :) thats what i do."

In the same sentence you write "help your teammates" and "screw over mages only".

I think the biggest problem is that you don't see people complaining about e.g. druids for not buffing motw etc *to the same extend*. And using rogue's poisons as example is like comparing bananas and potatos. You don't see anyone whining or even flaming rogues if they happen to CHOOSE not to use poison in a bg. But apparently mages don't have a choice like the other classes cause then they won't get healed etc. I hope you don't expect threats like that to actually work?

It's just so tiresome to get flaming whisps (yes people even bother to whisp you a lot of words that im sure their mothers don't want to hear them say hehe), yells, says, etc EVERY single time you join a bg. You only need to enter the game and wait max 5 sec before you're flooded with these DEMANDS for a table. Ofc there are also a lot of people who asks politely and ofc I have no problem helping them out. But when people start out with namecalling you etc then I simply loose all motivation to help the sucker.

I regularly experience when putting up a table in AB, EotS or WSG that people even yell out the infamous "table plz now!!!!!!!!!!!!" a few times AFTER I've made the damn table and it's been up for some time. People are so busy demanding what they want that they don't even open their eyes and look around for the table before yelling at me.

By now I only put up a table if either I need it myself or if it's one of those rare BGs where people only ask politely and without spamming me. But it only takes one retard to remind me why not to make a table and unfortunately that hurts the honest people out there. Think about that next time you flame a mage for not putting up a table instantly in a BG.

I'd love to help out my fellow players - i really do. But when people try to hassle me around then i just go into defensive mode and i think that's a pretty natural reaction for most of us.

Bottomline: Try to be nice to mages instead and the chances are much bigger for them wanting to help you out.

Breakfast Topic: Addons requests and recommendations {WoW}

May 27th 2008 4:19AM Anyone knows an addon that can show which song title you're playing in WinAmp?

Usually it's on random and cba to alt-tab out to look what I'm playing. ;-)

We want your guild apps! {WoW}

May 6th 2008 4:43AM Even though we have a template, we've just received this fine application from a rogue:

"hello inite me please guild , for pve"

Guess what answer he got... ;-)

Arcane Brilliance: Cast fast and hit hard {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 11:49AM Might also add which nice mage +spell hit gear that is obtainable around T4 level:
CE exalted ring
The new 2.4 heroic badge ring
Scryer's Bloodgem trinket
Heroic badge belt (replaceble by belt from Lurker in SSC when you get there)
Head enchant from Sha'tar (+22dam/+14hit)

Karazhan items:
Neck from Moroes
Wand from Aran
Back from Prince
T4 Gloves from Curator
Boots from Wizard (a bit hard to get due to random spawn)

If you're very low on +hit rating you could also get the +15 hit enchant on gloves and then replace it with +20 dam when your hit rating improves through better gear.

Also get the Veiled Noble Topaz (+5dam/+4hit) and Great Dawnstone (+8hit) gems for your sockets.

Hope this will help you get started. During the time where you gear up your hit rating you should really be able to see a huge dps increase at raid bosses. :-)

GL fellow mages. Pew pew. ;-)

Arcane Brilliance: Cast fast and hit hard {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 6:24AM Just to clarify that spell hit rating is also important for PvP - the cap is just lower.

Lvl Diff. PvE PvP
- 3 99% 99%
- 2 98% 98%
- 1 97% 97%
+0 96% 96% (typical pvp)
+ 1 95% 95%
+ 2 94% 94%
+ 3 83% 87% (vs pve raid bosses)
+ 4 72% 80%
+ 5 61% 73%

Spell Hit % = spell hit rating / 12.6

*** PvE ***
Spells actually have a 17% chance to miss vs raid bosses, but you cannot eliminate that last 1%, so the effective PvE hit cap is 16%.

PvE base hit rating needed: 202
with 3/3 Elemental Precision (Fire): 164
with 3/3 Elemental Precision (Frost): 126
with 5/5 Arcane Focus (Arcane): 76

From a pure dps/point PvE view the order is:
Spell hit (until capped) > haste > dmg > crit

To help evaluate your hit/haste/dmg/crit points, enter your character name and server name and region to retrieve your stats from the WoW Armory. Then, select a spec for the Theory-o-Matic to calculate for you. To compare two specs or sets of stats side-by-side, select a spec for the right column as well.

*** PvP ***
Spells have 4% chance to miss vs same lvl pvp opponent, but you cannot eliminate the last 1%, so the effective PvP hit cap is 3%.

PvP base hit rating needed: 38
with 1/3 Elemental Precision (Fire): 25
with 1/3 Elemental Precision (Frost): 13
with 1/5 Arcane Focus (Arcane): 13

More than 1 point in EP or AF will overcap you in some way = waste of talent point. Besides, 38 should be possible to reach, so most PvP players might want to not use any talent points on hit rating as well. Any hit rating above 38 is a waste for PvP.

As a result, when having above 400 resilience, a mage might wanna take the +dam/+hit head enchant instead of the new +sta/+res head enchant. Also, even though most of us still dream about it, the season 3 main hand got nice hit rating as well, both for PvE but also for getting the needed hit for PvP without loosing resilience.