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Victory from the jaws of defeat {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 12:30PM "First off all i can say i played css for 2-3 years and by the end i was seriously sick of bullets being on target yet doing no damage to the person but leaving a whopping big red mark "

Riiight. 'The hitboxes are bugged, its not that I suck.'

WoW's playskool pee vee pee is for people who dont have the reaction time or reflexes to play a FPS or RTS.

No vanilla WoW realms. Really. {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 11:54AM HA!

"Besides, really, the game has never been more fun."

What drugs are you on? I'd like some.

The game has turned into lolaoe fest and the one thing they are supposed to focus on - pvp balance - is completely out of whack.

WoW jumped the shark with Wrath, its really killed the remaining interest I have in the game.

Victory from the jaws of defeat {WoW}

Mar 13th 2009 10:42AM Maybe we are too busy playing Counter-Strike or another game where there isnt a random number generator to determine hits, misses and critical strikes.

WoW, the e-sport? Puh-lease.

SK should stick to starcraft.

Castle Crashers patch still without release date {Joystiq}

Sep 12th 2008 4:29PM First off, children, the problem occurs only with games that you join randomly - if you play with Xbox live friends you invite, you will be able to connect. If youre trying to have some fun with strangers - you know, like an arcade (if any of you are old enough to have gone to one) it just will not connect in Castle Crashers mode. Arena and Quaff will work though.

Nothing irritates me more than a bunch of idiots who likely do not own the game telling those who are justifiably angry with the botched publish to 'get over it'. For those I have a handy acronym - GTFO.

Behemoth, patch this otherwise amazing game so that you can get the cred you deserve - if its not forthcoming soon you'll never see any of my money again.

PvE to PvP Realm Transfers? {WoW}

May 13th 2006 12:33AM The following is an email I sent this morning to WoW customer support.


For the record, I have cancelled my WoW account. I do not think I will reactivate in the future. Any company that employs people (such as Mr Kaplan aka Furor, leader of the 'uberguild' Fires of Heaven) and dispenses preferential treatment does not deserve my money.

The decision to allow Fires of Heaven to move to a PVP ruleset after levelling and gearing on a PVE server was shortsighted. I am a true PVP'er and have in the past played nearly all MMO's with PVP - particularly DAoC, EQ, and EVE Online. I will be returning to one of those games, likely EVE, since it is evident I can no longer rely on Blizzard to forthrightly state their policies.

This under-the-table deal with Fires of Heaven (and by proxy, reversing Blizzards previous stance on PVE to PVP transfers) is a deal-breaker. I cannot believe that Blizzard would engage in such purposefully deceitful behaviour. Official past statements in the forums indicated that PVE to PVP character transfers would NOT BE ALLOWED. (emphasis mine) So, this betrayal has soured me on Blizzards future MMO offerings. I have no intention to work hard levelling a char. using a PVP ruleset only to have a group of clowns with connections to the developer 'jump queue' and move to a PVP server after having had the benefit of levelling / gearing on a PVE server. It is completely ridiculous.

Now might be a good time to go over some of your policies and make sure to define them, once and for all. You might think I'm overreacting, but changing the rules this late in the game shows a lack of clear direction - I don't want to be forking over money each month to a company that can't even tell me what ITS OWN RULES ARE.

Here's a link to Furor's guild site:

You may notice they call it 'Operation Pansy Stomp' - referring to their transfer as epic'd out lvl 60s from a PVE server to a brand new, on new hardware PVP server. Sounds like they get to go on an all out gank-fest.

Update: Here's a link to a post in the Dragonflight forums about the gankfest of Operation Pansy Stomp.

Many of the new players rolling on the server seem really happy with the transfers. What are they doing about it? Rerolling. So now, we'll have a big, new and empty server for FoH and friends.

I have no respect for Furor or his cronies. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves.