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Breakfast Topic: Quitting battlegrounds {WoW}

Jan 6th 2008 9:19AM For some reason, Horde in the Ruin BG have figured out how to win every BG except AV (which we usually cap SH, IW and get stuck capping SP while nobody plays defense = 188-209 honor per game). As a result, I pretty much only run AV's with a premade from Magtheridon. There's usually one going 24/7 and you can't beat 5k honor/hour.

I play other BG's for fun occasionally but for the best honor/hour AV is by far the highest. A premade running any BG can gain good honor/hour but AB, WSG, and EOTS require more teamwork (as you pretty much have to 5-cap AB, hold 4 towers + run flag in EOTS, etc...), not to mention there is very little chance of running into another premade with AV.

As for the holiday weekends, it is disappointing how little extra honor is gained, it's almost not worth it for the honor/hr unless you have a premade to run that BG.

Nonsurprise: WoW was most played PC game of Q3 {WoW}

Dec 13th 2007 7:42PM CS is much better than CS:S, a lot of the competitive CS tournaments are still using CS as opposed to CS:S so that doesn't really surprise me