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Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 18th 2009 8:27AM Man, I would love those headphones. My husband would be so jealous...!

Officers' Quarters: Guild leader loot rage {WoW}

Sep 7th 2009 5:00PM The first paragraph could really be seen as context. I don't really care about their loot rules or who was what spec.

The point is this: regardless of who got the item, if anyone thought it was incorrectly handled it should have been handled immediately and more maturely.

Dear Mr. Passive Aggressive Childish Guild Master:

Simple course of action:

Step 1. Whisper Mr. Loot Master Letter Writer and say, "I don't know if you were aware of this or not, but we really prefer main spec over offspec. Please use this idea in the future for loot." You could leave it at this, but if you REALLY think you needed it (I disagree, but whatever), then move onto...

Step 2. Whisper Mr. PGL (great abbreviation, whoever it was that used it) and tell him something to the affect of "I'm sorry to do this, but I really think that should have gone to main spec roll." Then see if he's willing to trade it to you outright. If that doesn't work, give him something in return; an I'm-sorry-this-happened gift (gold works).

OR, skip step 1 and 2 and go straight to step 3:

Step 3. Get over it and move on. It's loot. It will drop again. Or something better will drop.



Officers' Quarters: Guild leader loot rage {WoW}

Sep 7th 2009 4:45PM What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Most of us agree main spec > off spec.

The problem was not who got the loot, really. The problem was the reaction to who got the loot and how it was handled afterward.

Readers who get that are successful. Readers who don't are unsuccessful. CWIDT?

Breakfast Topic: Most emotional boss encounter? {WoW}

Sep 1st 2009 8:46AM I didn't start raiding until BC, so Vashj was the first real high moment. We'd been wiping on her for a month or so. Someone would fail to throw the core, or the naga would overrun us; something ALWAYS happened. And then we'd get close; OMG, Third Phase, keep it together! Then a wave of disappointment would hit as grid bars started growing dark, and the "just wipe" announcement came. The night we finally killed her was beautiful.

Kael was cool, but as you said in the Raid Bosses that Brought Healers to Their Knees, once you learned the fight, even the healing was manageable, so I wasn't overjoyed.

Then came Archimonde. We've only killed him twice, because after the first time, I think everyone's feeling was, "we did it, and it was awesome, and we're never doing it again." Weeks and weeks of watching one person wipe the raid. When we finally got to the point where the encounter took over, there was dead silence on vent. The minute it was over, it exploded.

I wasn't there for Illidan because I had just had my son, and I can't remember another BC boss that excited me as much as those two.

In WotLK, only one boss has lifted me to that level, and it was Yogg+3. We didn't even attempt it until our Fragment-collecting Paladin had gotten all of them. Then we hit it and hit it and hit it. Finally killing it was a big sigh of relief, not to mention that he really, really, really, really likes his new mace. I caught him hiding behind mailboxes in Dalaran and bubbling people with it.

As for feeling bad about killing a boss, the only one I felt bad about was Malygos. War of the Ancients was the first set of WoW books I read, so killing Malygos broke my heart. I had always hoped there would be a path of redemption, that his mind would be mended.

I felt bad about killing Thaddius too, not because he didn't need to be killed, but because he was made from women and children, and I felt so badly for THEM. I guess that should make me feel better about killing him, but it still makes me sad.

World of WarCrafts: Music to our ears {WoW}

Aug 31st 2009 12:55PM I'm so used to hearing these songs as I'm playing that I tend to tune it out; it's really nice to sit back and appreciate them as music, and not just a soundtrack.

Drama Mamas: Venting {WoW}

Aug 29th 2009 12:27AM To RL Woes: here's an idea to subtly pass onto your RL if you get the chance. It's one that we've used on and off the entire time I've been in my guild very effectively (as long as you're not half-Pugged, in which case, explanations are usually necessary): before a boss pull, ask in raid chat: "anyone new to this fight?" (and if you have er...sensitive people, you could always tack on, "it's all right if you are, we just need to know). This way, if you have someone new to the fight, you can explain it and everyone understands why it's being explained. If there's no one new, you can press on.

Another option is to have someone privately fill a person in; often our class leads will instruct new members of that class on the upcoming fight.

To Scared: I didn't talk in guild chat or vent for a looong time when I joined my current guild. I didn't know many people besides my then boyfriend, now husband; I had been invited because I was the girlfriend of a player, not because I apped and got accepted, and I everyone seemed so much more...informed. So I sat back and listened. If my RL said, "Amber, battle rez so-and-so," I did it. If I was directly asked a question, I answered appropriately and then listened some more. Listen, listen, listen; then you'll know exactly how the people in your guild interact. In our guild, we get shooshed on vent if we talk too much during a raid, and most people only use vent for PvP, raiding, or the occasional heroic; but I've been in the social guild, and if you listen enough, eventually someone will say something and you'll find yourself answering without even realizing you were doing it. :-)

As for ventiquette, I was in a raid group for a 10-man that was mostly another guild plus me and another pugged player. Halfway through, one of their guild members who wasn't in the raid popped into the channel and just started chatting. He talked about gold, about how leet he is, about how much he hates it when people fail, about which dailies he was doing and why he doesn't usually do get the idea. It was really annoying. Their vent appeared to have socializing channels, but I guess this guy REALLY needed someone to talk to. >.> The raid group was fantastic, and it's a good thing. If it had been fail, I probably would have hesitated joining a group with them again because I might have to listen to THAT GUY again. So please, don't be THAT GUY. :-P

All the World's a Stage: Reflections on the passing of a roleplayer's mom {WoW}

Aug 18th 2009 9:49AM To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. --Thomas Campbell

Raid Rx: Raid bosses that brought healers to their knees - Part 2 {WoW}

Aug 18th 2009 9:27AM I loved the Leo fight, but only because I was the first healer to master killing my demon (believe me, that was after a night of failed attempts). After that, the fight always clicked for me. But man, you were screwed if all the warlock healers got demons and you were still running back from the last whirlwind. Oh, and yeah, the same people who stood like a deer in the headlights for fights like the Buru encounter are the ones who waited on the whirlwind to kick their ass to move. I remember the first time we killed him, there were only 2 of us healers left alive, the tank, the warlock, and about 3 dps. Talk about nerve-racking.

Bloodboil was a PIA. You had to have healers ready to jump on the enraged person, and each class had to know what they should do if they were the lucky choice. I learned to NS+HT, Barkskin, Bear form to get through it, but man, it was rough. I eventually started dealing with it by leaving my mouse (mouseover macro ftw) on Bloodboil's target-of-target frame so I didn't waste any time finding the new sacrifice.

I only started raiding in BC, but I can imagine what some of these others were like. Can't wait to see your other choices.

Arcane Brilliance: Good and Bad in patch 3.2 {WoW}

Aug 11th 2009 10:37AM Forgive me for not knowing fire mage mechanics (my magelet is arcane). I used 6 seconds because in my healer example, that's what we were given. What would be a fair cooldown, then? 3 seconds?

Most people seem to agree it needed to be nerfed for one reason or another, and most people agree that removing the Hot Streak wasn't the way to do it. The question now is...what is?

Arcane Brilliance: Good and Bad in patch 3.2 {WoW}

Aug 10th 2009 2:11PM 1. The druid in me keeps seeing LB and thinking Lifebloom.

2. This is just another in a long line of class changes based on PvP rather than PvE, in my opinion. Paladin's Exorcism is another that comes to mind, as well as the aforementioned Lifebloom. I'd rather they make spells work differently in PvP than to make me change my raiding playstyle to fit the arena I never use.

3. For those of you saying mages are top dps, I'd like to see your raid comp. My guild is pretty equally geared T8.5 level & equivalent and for the past few months, the physical vs. caster damage difference in Ulduar has been extremely noticeable. It used to be that the top 10 in our 25-man would be Shadow Priest, Hunter, Hunter, Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Mage, Mage, Rogue, Druid. Now it's Feral Druid, Feral Druid, Rogue, Warrior, Enh Shaman, Enh Shaman, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Warlock with shadow priests, mages, and my own feathery moonkin butt coming in usually between 12-14. Our mages are geared, gemmed, and enchanted to the max (the mage class lead even leveled JC just for the improved gems) and the three of them have been playing their class since vanilla raiding. The distance between melee and caster dps right now is significant, to say the least, and I personally think mages need all the support they can get.

4. Whoever said that the best nerf to LB would have been to put a short cooldown on it, I agree. Healers had it happen to them in the form of Wild Growth and Circle of Healing, and most adjusted after the initial grumblings. Putting a 6 second CD on it so managing multiple targets becomes a little trickier would have been way better than removing the chance to proc Hot Streak.