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Enter To Win A Culinary Voyage On The 'Top Chef' Cruise! {Gadling}

Oct 29th 2012 3:35PM I like Mike Isabella

Win a Nikon CoolPix AW100 digital camera {Gadling}

Feb 6th 2012 12:40PM I would love to win this, always have been a fan of Nikon. My other "indestructible" camera just died and am hoping for a new one.

Woman sues taxi company for hell ride: the same thing happened to me {Gadling}

Feb 3rd 2011 12:04AM I have a similar story, a few years ago I sprained my ankle and couldn't drive. I was able to carpool into work, but coming home some nights I couldn't get a ride with friends so had to use Taxis. I always called and scheduled a pickup, made it clear I would like to pay by credit card, and that I would be on crutches and I was going from a major city area to a suburb. "No problem" they always said on the phone, and I always confirmed before getting in. I used it many times with no problems, but it only takes one bad incident to change things.
The last time I used this service, the guy started getting agitated when he didn't know where he was going. I gave him directions and guided him each way, but the further away from the city the more angry he got. When we reached my destination I tried to pay by credit card but he flatly refused, and he wouldn't let me pay by check. He locked me in and started yelling at me for wasting his time and trying to rip him off. Fortunately, my destination was my parents house and after a little while my father noticed the taxi sitting outside and so he came out and rescued me. I then had to borrow money from my father to pay for the ride. The kicker? After all that they guy demanded a better tip "for going so far out of his way" and demanded we write out turn by turn directions back to the main highway. Unbelievable!