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Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Naxxramas {WoW}

Jun 4th 2010 1:52PM The thing that annoyed me the most about the rehashing of naxx was that they decided to make it a pitiful excuse of a raid, and they even said they screwed up on the tuning. An introduction to raiding in my opinion is fine, the first couple of bosses could've been very well tuned for new raiders, why did every boss have to be tuned to be that mind numbing.

The great gear explosion {WoW}

Mar 15th 2010 4:50PM To be honest, WOTLK just showed that blizzard has no idea what they are doing now that their key designers have moved on to a new project. What are you saying.. WOTLK was one huge beta to test out blizzards ideas? What the hell are we paying for then? We shouldn't have to pay to test out blizzards design failures, they should be paying us... The loss of the key designers has really been felt in this expansion...

To get it out, yes I hate the fact that anyone that hit 80 today could be geared up to run ICC in a few days. We had a shaman hit 80 for our 10m ICC alt run, geared him up and killed Lich King with him all in about 4 days. Sure, thats with lots of help from guildies and such, but the fact that it was possible to gear someone up that fast is nauseating.

WOTLK has done nothing but create impatient GS obsessed retards.

Ready Check: To Warsong or not to Warsong {WoW}

Mar 6th 2010 12:59AM I honestly cannot fathom the reasoning behind putting this buff in the zone in the first place. If the reason was seriously to have everyone kill Arthas, why did they make Arthas the big finale of the expansion, throw him in a 5 man heroic, and have the final boss of ICC be something else. Are they paid on how many people complete their raids, why do they care? People can't beat it by the end of WOTLK, go back in Cata and rape him in your 85 epics.

Patch 3.3.2: PvP healing change incoming {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2010 6:39AM Wow, blizzard has finally done what they said they would never do. When asked why not just make it so that damage and abilities do less when in PVP instead of gimping the players in PVE to balance around PVP, they said... and I remember this because it really pissed me off as an avid PVE'er, they didn't want it to feel like two different games.

So, all of sudden they are doing exactly what they said they would never do. What's next, prot spec lose 20% of their armor, dps loses 20% of their damage, why stop at just healing? Were healers really twenty percent to strong in pvp now when rogues could bring down a clothie/leather wearer in one stun lock? Seriously, has pvp degraded into just bursting player down as fast as they can, and if that's not possible QQ until they can? A tree could literally be purged kicked to death, other healers suffer from being kicked, stunned, seduced, sapped, whatever your preference. Seriously, has using your brain and being smart about your actions really become that much of a hassle..

Ghostcrawler on Cataclysm's talent tree philosophy, abilities, and Ragnaros {WoW}

Jan 29th 2010 10:57AM
The new talent system sounds refreshing ... and to be honest I can't believe all the negativity that surrounds it. If they want to get rid of min/maxing to squeeze out every ounce of dps/hps/tps..I think thats great. People like to complain about everything. They make it so you can choose talents based on how they appeal to you without losing major attributes and all of a sudden the game becomes to easy. They make it so that when you look at a piece of equipment, you can tell without a shadow of a doubt that its an upgrade, people cry catering to baddies. If you cannot look at something and tell right away if it's worth using, I think that's a flaw in design. The challenge of a game shouldn't be in whats the best way to properly gear your toon or what are the best talents, but in the actual gameplay.

Breakfast Topic: Make it all BoA {WoW}

Dec 17th 2009 8:34AM The only thing I see this doing is making anyone serious about content having many alts so they can get all their new badge gear as fast as possible. Raiding guilds that are serious about progression would most likely require that you have a few alts just so that you can farm the gear you need in a timely matter to aid in said progression. The game is easy enough to gear in, does it really need to be made easier?

Does overhealing matter? {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 11:42PM Its amazing, I don't downgrade my heals anymore, and yet I somehow manage only a 20% OH... hmmm.... could it be healers learn to adapt to changing times....

With healing as easy as it is now.. maybe, just maybe.. raids shouldn't be bringing 7 healers anymore.... we bring 4 now and ease through it and our highest OH is our paladin at 35%.... so.. hmmm.. maybe your raids are clueless on how to set up now? We bring more DPS and finish all raid content in 3 hours.

Does overhealing matter? {WoW}

Feb 4th 2009 12:57AM God, to over heal means you are using a spell way to big on a target that lost very little health. Or your healing targets that other players have healed, which is worse, it means your heal went to someone who DIDN'T NEED IT. If your to stubborn to stop casting when a target has restored most of their health to just get 800 health back out of a 20k heal, then you are a retarded healer.

Lets just say, why should a raid take a healer whose OH 70-80% of the time over another dpser.

Glider loses again, shutdown imminent {WoW}

Jan 29th 2009 10:29PM God some people are retarded. Then again what can you expect out of a WOW community :sigh: YOU have the choice not to buy merchandise if you don't like it. A EULA on hardware and software.. what are you.. dumb? What would a company gain from that. And it wouldn't even be a EULA then, it would be a contract.. and who the hell would sign a contract to buy... ugh... stupid.

You do not own your WOW account, its more like rent. The EULA is the agreement of rules you will abide by while renting your space in the world. You rent an apartment, sign a contract saying.. hey I wont have a dog.. and you get a dog.. guess what, you get kicked out. You sign a contract saying, hey I won't use third party programs which enable botting, and get caught.... tough luck.

Mia Rose interview with Allakhazam {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2009 9:23AM "You guys are just jealous because us regulars get to play in the big leagues now." - Ukata

Big leagues.. that's a joke if I ever heard it. No one would call raiding big league material now. It's like playing baseball against retards, winning, and then comparing yourself to MLB stars.. yes, raiding is that retarded now.

Leave it to casuals(or people that claim to play far less then they do) to have their world destroyed when they see that .. :gasp: someone that makes far more money then they could ever hope to see, plays a game at a far higher level then they could ever hope to achieve.

So she doesn't like that her class was hit with a nerf, who ever says "YAY, I was nerfed, I do less damage now"?