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HeroEngine licensing takes off thanks to SWTOR's success {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 2:09PM @Norod I stand corrected, the Gamasutra article I read yesterday claimed Rift used the HeroEngine, but they seemed to fix the error.

HeroEngine licensing takes off thanks to SWTOR's success {Massively}

Feb 23rd 2012 1:50PM Don't forget that Rift also uses the Hero Engine.

Mass Effect Infiltrator breaking in to iOS devices {Joystiq}

Feb 7th 2012 4:27PM @Accessgranted This is being developed by the same people who made the Dead Space iOS game.

The Game Archaeologist salutes Asheron's Call's 12th anniversary {Massively}

Nov 3rd 2011 5:17PM My first MMO, always has a place in my heart.

Go go Power Rangers Online! For real! {Massively}

Oct 30th 2011 11:24PM My body is ready

Warhammer 40K Dark Millennium Online launch date revealed {Massively}

Oct 12th 2011 2:35PM I wonder if that's an official release date or just a release window. March 31st is the end of Q1 2013. This might be more of a, "Hey this is the latest we can release and still hit the projected Q1 2013 mark."

Free for All: Why the term Facebook game should fade {Massively}

Oct 5th 2011 5:44PM Maybe it's just me but when I hear the term Facebook game, it refers to the platform rather than a genre. Facebook game is just as viable term as Xbox game, PlayStation game, or PC game. If Facebook game is used to describe how the game plays, then yes, I agree. It should use something along the lines of stategy game or management game.

The Game Archaeologist answers Asheron's Call 2: The highlights {Massively}

Oct 4th 2011 6:04PM Anything with the words Asheron's Call is near and dear to my heart

What's your favorite Joystiq T-shirt design? {Joystiq}

Sep 7th 2011 2:25PM I liked 5, 13, 49, and 105.

They all look like a normal shirt you could wear anywhere, not gaming specific that would only look appropriate at a convention or event similar.