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Arcane Brilliance: Statistical battle of the clothies {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 11:20AM Although I agree with the fact that chain potting is going to be absolutely primary, with Shadowfiend and VE , SP's do have a little more to play with in a non PvP environment. Whereas we mages can set up an off timer gem and pot rotation so that for at least 10 minutes with all our gems, 5 pots and a non CD on Evoc, we have a much much deeper mana pool. Warlocks have life tap /w bandages, dark pact & drain mana ( if AFF /DEMO like me ). So we all have that extra utility if specced correctly.

But I must agree with Layn, our shadow priest is always right up there with myself ( the mage ) and our lock in dps.