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Countdown to Wrath giveaway: Day 2 - Razer DeathAdder mouse {WoW}

Nov 11th 2008 6:25PM faradhim rolls 100/100

Why there won't be a flood of death knights {WoW}

Jan 12th 2008 5:05PM My guild currently has 49 numbers and 45% are Belfs. I don't know what percentage is a flood but almost half certainly seems like a lot.

Breakfast Topic: The stealth /gquit and other lost art forms {WoW}

Jan 11th 2008 10:29AM I think some people is just too uncomfortable with confrontations (in this case quit in front of everyone else).

When I first started my guild I recruited a brand new WOW player and he /gquit on me after a few days. I asked him for the reasons he left when I ran into him again and he told me that "I was playing with various commands and didn't mean to quit the guild, please invite me again". So I did and he /gquit again in the middle of the night that night. From there I learned never to ask people why they left/are leaving.

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Player housing revisited, Blizzard still not interested {WoW}

Jan 10th 2008 9:48AM I would think some kind of personalizable guild hall for guild could go well with players. I am sure the professions can be expanded to produce items that will decorate your guild hall too!

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Heading for greener pastures in 2008? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2008 9:34AM My friend and I are keeping our eyes peeled for the new stargate MMORPG. As Sci-Fi fans we are really pumped about this one.

With that said however many have tried to duplicate the success of WOW and most have failed.

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US maintenance extended {WoW}

Jan 8th 2008 2:36PM Armory appears to be back online now. Wonder if it is related to this update.

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Breakfast Topic: Resolutions {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2008 9:11AM Yet you still read wow insider. Hmmm... I sense a hidden daemon that need to be unleashed. Give in to your temptation!

Breakfast Topic: Resolutions {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2008 8:12AM I have started a web poll on my WOW blog to see if people will play more or less WOW in the new year. The statistic should be illuminating. :-)

Ask WoW Insider: Do you tip your tank? {WoW}

Dec 28th 2007 8:39PM Interesting question. I have never received a tip for being the MT in the group. Nor do I expect to receive one.

One thing to consider is that being a warrior you don't have constant upkeeps like other class except the repair bill. So it is in your best interest to keep your equipment in good shape.

Breakfast Topic: Help a newbie! {WoW}

Dec 24th 2007 11:44AM The most important thing for a new gamer is to understand how the game work. This means read your manual, blizzard's websites, and sites like. I find it incredible helpful to visit informational sites like WOW Wiki. You will be a better gamer and get more out of this game.