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All the World's a Stage: Raiding and RP don't mix, or do they? -- A question of continuity. {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 7:05PM I've played on normal and pvp servers but felt I wanted more rp since I'm an old DnD geek. I just started playing a WoW toon on a rppvp server and haven't seen much rp yet, though haven't actively searched for a guild either. But, it's definitely interruptive to have Chuck Norris jokes in general chat and talk about favorite football teams in trade!

The best rp I've seen in gaming has been in hardore rp persistent servers for Neverwinter Nights. There I'd say over 95% of the game was IC. The dm's/developers would have world changing events on a frequent basis and major changes every few months as well. Since it was on a smaller scale, background and development of characters were excellent as well as the interchange between characters. The DM teams were quite aggressive about monitoring IC vs OOC as well. Something like that could help the WoW RP servers where GMs monitor and mute characters that continuously are ooc but of course that would probably be cost or volunteer labor management overload.