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Blood Pact: Meet the minions, part 2 - of voidwalkers and threat {WoW}

Nov 10th 2009 10:01AM The vw remains nearly the most useless pet we have besides the succubus. First, it cannot tank for the damage of the worst damage specs we have. It's fragile since it has very poor natural avoidance in comparison to a real tank. I understand it cannot be a replacement for a real tank and it shouldn't be.. but I could deal with it's softness if it could actually hold aggro from any of my spells. Haunt->Agony->Corruption will pull off it as will immolate->incinerate->conflag which just makes it near useless except as something to soul link yourself to and damage shield yourself with in pvp. A super low lock with newbie gear can't do enough to really strip it unless they're shadow bolt spamming. That doesn't make this pet worthwhile at all. Nearing level 55-58 you should redo your spec to demo and grab the noobguard at least he can really tank for you.

Patch 3.3: Luck of the Draw buffs you for pugging {WoW}

Nov 10th 2009 9:52AM The actual ratio seems on my server to be about 3:1 dps to tanks/healers. I mean how many people are actually non-hybrid or don't have healer/tank offspecs. A lot of the dps can become healer too. System should actually give some higher priority for rogue, mage, hunter, warlock in dps roles because that's all they can do. The current lfg system actually seems to prioritize people that just have one item clicked to that role. Don't think much will change there.

Forum post of the day: Pushback on Pushback {WoW}

Aug 6th 2008 9:43AM My only argument to the pushback mechanic has always been this: Melee damage is not interrupted by spell damage. So it's not about who is skilled but rather who is melee. Melee can literally sit in front of the caster making no attempt to evade anything if the caster even attempts to cast. Pushback itself would be fair, but not with the number of stuns and interrupts in this game. The concept doesn't even make sense from an rp standpoint because one would think after a mage or priest had been adventuring for oh.. 60 seasons they probably would have figured out how to cast under focused fire.

As it stands now melee or uninterruptable ranged (hunter) are completely favored in pvp. I'm not saying melee shouldn't be challenging but right now if you play a caster and aren't a disc priest you pretty much can just go afk and enjoy your free ride to the graveyard. That's a just little too extreme.

Brutal ratings requirement for Brutal Gladiator items? {WoW}

Apr 14th 2008 2:47PM Dunno I thought the point of arena was to pvp not to grind ratiings. Alll this system accomplishes is that the people already running in S3 will have immediate access to S4 or new- immediate anyway. And if you don't have that well, screw you having any chance to compete. They're basically attempting to turn arena rewards into the stupid "we need 5 people to play this one guy to hwl" situation we had before this crap. Obviously, blizzard isn't learning crap from their previous mistakes and I'm about tired of wasting my time. Grinding arena points is boring, and uneventful. You are either instantly slaughtered by people wearing gear 3x better than yours or the other team is free kills. This isn't arena this is ap grindfest 2008 and it's not about who's a great fighter it's about who has less of a life irl.

He Said, She Said: Tauren Females {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 10:32AM Number one reason to be a tauren male:

The shat! Especially if a shaman... FROST SHOCK!

Horde side irl females don't have many options (speaking with my wife.)

1) Tauren Females are defintely female but not overdoing it.

2) Trolls are pretty good looking as well, although defintely poorer animations. Not the race to pick if you like shoes.

3) Undead females are ok, but goofy animations. Not female like a woman more like a 'lil girl.

4) BE women are basically what little boys dream of and everything negative that that entails.

Most real women will probably pick tauren or undead imho, probably be as a close third with trolls.

Magisters' Terrace illuminated {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2008 11:56AM Druids rarely have issues tanking imho other than some gear issues caused by the lack of stats on plate vs leather. Multimob pulls of any size can be dealt with if your group knows how to chain attacks with the main assist. Swipe is super-cheap on the rage and you really only need to dump Mangle's and Lacerates into the target that the group is dumping on.

I'm usually tab swiping 3xNumber of mobs then I start demo roar to make life easy for healers. After that it's just dropping mangle and lacerate into the main dps target and passing out more swipes.

Chance of losing aggro is very low in this method and generally it's caused by over-zealous pre-healing or someone who is not the tank breaking the pack and making this process impossible.

My only gripe as druid tank is lack of last stand/shield wall type abilities. But, we can easily tank everything which doesn't require those. (99.9% of all fights in the game)

Blogger makes the wrong call on Druids {WoW}

Mar 18th 2008 11:54AM The only druids are OP are resto druids. Changing cyclone effects balance druids, ferals, and resto. That's why this is a bad change. Fix the problem spec or don't monkey with it. It's not that "hot" of a cc ability anyway as it lasts like no time at all. It's only useful attached to the backs of the skills of others (rogue stuns, mage cc, etc..) While resto will cast these the range is irrelevant. Resto will pounce you, cyclone, bash, maim, cyclone, warstomp, bash.. yay.. and basically lock you down anyway. Can't see where it matters really most druid CC is at close range anyway.

All that this change does is takes an spell interrupt away from ferals and an escape move from balance making it much harder for them to succeed. I used to be able to stop incoming pyro/fireball w/e with it... Now it's a useless still to me.

March 12th PTR changes {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 3:40PM Arenas are causing artificial limitations to have to be added to the game to balance the poor design of their environment. Cyclone isn't the problem, it's druid hitting you with it and taking to cheetah hiding behind a pillar to drink. This range also means nothing for arena because if you've ever been a druid in arena you are closer than 20yd to cast this normally. You are throwing it into a CC chain with other players on your team.. It may go SAP -> Bash -> Blind -> gouge -> Bash -> Cyclone or something like that.. You are taking one guy out of the fight for as long as it takes to kill someone else. Can't see where this is a big deal it's just one part of the chain on an opponent that is normally already locked up and will still completely be locked up after this nerf. Ferals use it to ensure heals and moonkin use it to maintain range. Resto and moonkin have NS and don't give two bits about using cyclone to heal. It nerfs ferals only since it is really the only ranged tool we have to control any fight.

Talents you hate {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 3:04PM Lightwells official only use is to be /dance'd with when the opposing faction kills you in a bg.

March 12th PTR changes {WoW}

Mar 12th 2008 2:57PM Cyclone isn't the only CC w/o counter, that also goes for banish. Banish keeps tree druids from being trees in any arena or other pvp. You lose seconds of your life we lose 40+ pt talents. Think druids have more to complain about honestly. I'm all for the range reduction, but cut returns and make it instant. I think anything with 20yd range needs to be instant honestly. You people keep crying about crap, but realize this nerf really hurts feral druids more than anyone as moonkin and resto can CC in their primary form basically. For me, as a feral this is the only way I can get a heal 99% of the time. It nerfs me MUCH more than them.