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It's official: EverQuest goes free-to-play {Massively}

Jan 30th 2012 1:41PM When I left EQ, my character was L65 (the cap at the time)... coming back only to level up 30 more times seems daunting.

How easy would it be to get back into the swing of things?

MMObility: The best Glitch apps and websites {Massively}

Jan 28th 2012 4:48PM PS. The best part about Zog's Glitchy Tools is the "Locations" section. If tells you where all the Wood Trees are RIGHT NOW in-game and can even teleport you to them automatically. I use it quite often!

MMObility: The best Glitch apps and websites {Massively}

Jan 28th 2012 4:46PM You forgot my favorite... Glitch Food! It tells you what food is available in the market that gives you the best bang for your buck (energy wise).

Blizzard looking into weapon enchant display solution {WoW}

Jan 27th 2012 1:51PM While we're turning off weapon enchants... can we turn off all non-ground, player-created spell effects? I don't need to see every single Fireball that a Mage fires off at the boss. I want to kill a boss without lagging out due to spell effects.

Everquest let you turn them off. Why is it taking WoW so long to follow suit?

MMObility: Tiny Speck explains Glitch's big unlaunching {Massively}

Dec 6th 2011 2:11AM @Saucelah Look. Imagine what would happen if Turbine or SOE or Blizzard released Asheron's Call, Everquest, or World of Warcraft to the public... after nearly a YEAR of it being in Beta, only to say two months in, "Oh... yeah, we got way ahead of ourselves. We're going to back to Beta. We're gunna change core mechanics, and there MIGHT be a player reset." None of those games would have become successful.

The fact that Tiny Speck is going back to the drawing board does NOT give me confidence in the game. Let's say they relauch again in 6 months... is there ANY guarantee that they won't go BACK TO BETA again? Nope. There's absolutely no guarantee they could give me, because they already did this all once before!

I've lost faith. That's why I requested all of my money back and that's why they will not get a single dime from me again in the future.

MMObility: Tiny Speck explains Glitch's big unlaunching {Massively}

Dec 5th 2011 5:25PM I requested a refund for all $125 I gave to TinySpeck over the past 6 months. No chance in hell I'll be giving them anymore money after this fiasco. See ya!

Class Balance and Design Q&A transcript {WoW}

Nov 9th 2011 4:25PM Wow. That was quite the read!

DC announces digital comics will arrive day-and-date with print versions {}

Jun 1st 2011 3:44PM Have the "52" weekly publications they are resetting been announced yet?

iWork now available for iPhone, iPod touch {}

May 31st 2011 3:19PM Requires iOS 4.2.8+

I'm still running stock 4.0 :)

Four tips for better iPhone battery life {}

May 24th 2011 9:38AM Actually, once an app is closed, the push notifications no longer appear. So yes, not having the Twitter App open means that your iPhone is no longer waiting for a push notification from the Twitter servers, hence less battery consumption.

Try it. You'll save a lot of battery life.