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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me upload my stuff to Amazon Cloud {}

May 23rd 2011 5:19PM Indeed, the Amazon Uploader will scan your iTunes library and allow you to upload music from specific iTunes playlists.

Dear Aunt TUAW: Help my windows stay put {}

May 5th 2011 8:48PM Utilities ares by there very nature niche products. The people who desire this feature will be willing to pay for the convenience. After all, we're talking about people who own an apple laptop and an external monitor, what's $15 for such a convenience?

It does seem a little high, but if it does what it says well, then the people who buy it for this function should be happy.

Designer pitches concept for usable iOS notifications in video {}

May 4th 2011 2:06AM I like the way MobileNotifier commandeers the dimmed section of the screen when you activate the task bar, but without a lock screen notification it's lacking.

Maybe if he and the gentleman behind LockInfo got together and combined forces…

Comparing the old iMacs with today's new models {}

May 4th 2011 1:57AM My 27" iMac (now previous model) 3.06GHz with the 512MB Gfx upgrade and 8 GB of RAM will run World of Warcraft at 40+fps with settings maxed and no mods.

If you're going to use it for gaming, get the 1GB Gfx card and SSD drive, that will make it much more fun.

Mac OS X Lion to feature iOS-like 'jiggling' app unistaller {}

May 2nd 2011 5:42AM Also, why would you EVER want to delete Evernote?!!

Mac OS X Lion to feature iOS-like 'jiggling' app unistaller {}

May 2nd 2011 5:41AM I thought they were getting rid of the aqua-ness in Lion. The jelly buttons are getting a little old in the tooth imo.

Dear Aunt TUAW: Why does iTunes hate me? {}

Apr 28th 2011 9:09PM If you hit "command-L" iTunes will take you instantly to the currently playing track, in whatever playlist or non-playlist you started playing from, then just hit pause, answer the phone, and unpause to resume where you left off.

Alternatively there are a few menu bar apps that let you play/pause/skip using the menu bar or customizable keyboard commands. Personally I use iTracks, and it works well, and is cheap on the Mac App Store.

Dear Aunt TUAW: Why does iTunes hate me? {}

Apr 28th 2011 9:05PM I would recommend against this method as it will cause all of your tracks to remember the location where you stopped playing them previously. Meaning that if you pause, stop, or skip in the middle of the track iTunes will pick up in the middle again the next time it's played. Be that minutes, weeks, or months later. Of course it resets if the track is played all the way through.

This option is mostly used for very long audio tracks, like podcasts, movies, or audiobooks, and isn't really meant to be used for music,

HazeOver dims background windows to help you focus {}

Apr 25th 2011 5:59PM I also love Spirited Away. It's available on the app store for free in addition to Andre's link to their website.

ScanDrop comes to Mac: makes scanning to cloud services simple {}

Mar 27th 2011 9:11PM I simply use ImageCapture (comes with every mac) and in the "Scan To:" drop down I simply select Evernote. Then every file I scan gets sent directly to the Evernote app where I can tag and sync it.

It's free, and unlike what the reviews say on the Mac App store, actually works.