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Using the Daily Quests as a way of supplying gold {WoW}

Apr 10th 2008 9:54PM Imbalance ... I'm going to suggest that you should have refrained from skipping all those Macro 101 classes in order to level up your troll toon.

The fed attempts to regulate the supply of money by raising *or* lowering the interest rate banks pay to borrow money from them. If they raise interest rates, that is meant to decrease the amount of money in the economy. To deflate the economy, if you will. If they decrease their interest rate, that is designed to make money more readily available to banks ... aka inflation.

Yes, this may be a hard concept to grasp (and admittedly it is hard for most, not because most are stupid, but because to most people inflation is just a word for "everything is more expensive, and that sucks.") but in fact, sometimes the fed tries to encourage inflation.

Sorry Imbalance, but you should probably Lrn2MonetaryPolicy before you start ripping a decent post on the best source of WoW news on the entire interwebs.

The daily quests (and their expansion in 2.4) are obviously a game mechanic designed to inflate WoW's economy. In that sense, Schramm and Relmstein are precisely correct ... such behavior is basically an application of monetary policy.

Android SDK frustrating developers due to bugs, lack of documentation {Engadget}

Dec 19th 2007 9:47PM ...maybe he'd have read it if the documentation were done a bit better?

To be fair, I have not seen the documentation myself, as I have no plans to develop for Android. But having done a bit of software development, I know SEs aren't always the best with words that are not "if" or "then."