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Know Your Lore: Goblins and the Bilgewater Cartel, page 2 {WoW}

Dec 12th 2010 7:03PM While I couldn't speculate quite yet what Keja'mite made of, I can't yhelp but think the inspiration for the name was partially that mysterious substance Vegemite. It probably tastes the same too ... ;)

Incidently, I love the stuff.

Pirates of the Burning Sea confirms expansion release date, extra features {Massively}

Jul 25th 2010 10:17PM Each to their own. I really liked it when I played it though it did seem unfinished in a lot of ways. And as for the real time travel, it fit in well considering the setting; it lent a strong strategic element to the game in that you had to consider yor destination based on which way the wind blew. I liked that. :)

Cataclysm class and mastery systems explained {WoW}

Jul 7th 2010 2:03PM I think I dislike this "locking into trees until hitting the top of the tree" more than I dislike RealIDs on the forums. I don't have thousands of gold to pony up on dual-specciing all my characters. I don't want to be locked into a specific role when levelling characters. I don't see any upside to this restriction.

Dumb idea Blizzard.

A Cryptic sale with new items for Star Trek Online {Massively}

Apr 17th 2010 4:56PM Tell that to Blizzard. They just made millions overnight for selling a mount.

You think Cryptic started microtransactions in a sub game? Sorry, but Sony and Blizzard have been doing it for years. They just call it character transfters (et al). They just don't fess up to it. Blizzard can't really deny it now.

Earthrise delayed by robot assassin {Massively}

Apr 13th 2010 7:36PM Defunct? I watched new episodes that are only a month old. I think perhaps you missed the entire Season 2!

One Shots: Meteors galore {Massively}

Mar 16th 2010 8:15PM Hmmm .... Worse than Anarchy Online at release? Worse than Earth and Beyond at release? Worse than UO at release? Worse than Age of Conan at release? I think that it's all subjective really. I'd place all of the above games as having a far worse release than STO.

Today only: Get STO for $27.99 at Amazon {Massively}

Mar 9th 2010 6:01PM The biggest mistake Cryptic made was letting so many people into closed beta. Frankly, the game in the last days of open beta was massively improved from the game as it was in closed beta; you'd hardly recognize it.

If I had based my opinion on my beta experience of games, the only game I would have ever bought was WoW ... and I would have certainly missed out on many great gems, especially LotTO. Thankfully, I'm not that closed minded.

Today only: Get STO for $27.99 at Amazon {Massively}

Mar 9th 2010 5:36PM Totally agree!

Community upset causes Cryptic to make a statement on STO promotion {Massively}

Mar 2nd 2010 6:10PM Touche.

My beef with NCSoft is that they cancel games that show the slightest signs of not doing too well ... Zander not even allowing the game to live after a lifeline is offered to them.

At least Cryptic have the balls to keep hammering away and trying to improve their product ... even if (and this is something that IS their fault) they have released the product too early.

Star Trek Online's producer: "In hindsight, it was pretty darn risky" {Massively}

Feb 12th 2010 3:36AM Good to know I'm guilty until proven innocent. Why this site gives you a different name if you post and a new reader as opposed to a returning reader is beyond me. In fact why this site just won't let you log in normally is beyond me.