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Hey! Update your info! {WoW}

Oct 27th 2006 7:11PM What it is, is so that when you mouth off in BWL after having way too many Coronas, making yourself look like a complete dumbass and your guild like a group of terds (even if what you said was funny as hell), and you reported, Blizz has to be able to contact you.

Not saying this neccesarily from experience. :P I'm just saying...

Breakfast Topic: Top Five Instances {WoW}

Oct 26th 2006 11:52PM /agree Raynia.

It'd take me way too long to decide my other four, so let me just put in a ginormous plug for Blackwing Lair.

When you think of adventure and fantasy, of great quests and heroic deeds, what is perhaps the ultimate challenge? To fight a dragon. To defeat the evil monster who is nonetheless just so damn cool you can't help but like him. And in BWL it's not just one dragon, but SIX. And these fights are such a departure from everything you've encountered previously. Sure, they might not be as technically demanding as TAQ or Naxx, but by god they're a huge departure from you had been used to. And it fits the persona of dragons: that each boss has his own weaknesses and his own method of battle. The Razor fight will school a noob real quick. The first time you see Nefarian, let alone fell him, it's a very, VERY epic, heady experience. And the environment is fantastic: the old castle feeling, the walls and the cluttered chairs and steps. It's just the perfect ideal of a dungeon, with the majestic, cunning enemy you've come to love through years of novels and movies and card games and TV.

Fighting in BWL is like you're 15 again, and staying at a friend's house for 36 hours playing D&D. Only you've stepped into the boardgame. Blackwing Lair is fantasy personified.

Opening the Dark Portal might not be a lagfest {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2006 1:58PM /agree Raein

Would be neat to have something in-game, but a CGI cinematic would be kickass. That would seriously be one of, if not THE, best way to do it. And Druid dude, I agree with all your points, except I would be surprised if Blizz DID add another server, just with their track record. Though it does make absolute sense (which might be why they won't do it, :P).

A toon by any other name {WoW}

Sep 26th 2006 2:39PM Adam and Kabe, you guys pwn. Always gratifying to find other like-minded folks. I really only play my main (the 13 Priest I named Incense - surprised as hell it wasn't taken), a 60 pally, and his name is ... wait for it: Envinyatar. To anyone buried enough in the lore of Arda the connection is obvious, and to anyone who is not, all I can say is read The Lord of the Rings.

Around Azeroth: Wandering on Raven Hill {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2006 11:46AM Dear holy god Mor'ladim. I think I died around 20 times or so to him in the course of about 3 days. I abandoned ALL my Duskwood quests and only, ONLY go back to that zone when I absolutely have to. And, even if I don't need to (such as helping a guildie in the opposite corner of the zone), I STILL ride all the way up there so I can down the bastard. Vengeance is a dish best served cold.

One angry paladin blog {WoW}

Sep 20th 2006 11:51AM Nicely said, #2. I agree completely.

#3: The difference is that 'a warrior that wants to give out raid buffs or stun someone for 6-8 consecutive seconds' is not a warrior, assuming I translate what you're saying to mean a warrior wanting to be more like a paladin. However, a paladin wanting to do some at least moderately decent DPS is still wanting to be a paladin. The pally class in WoW is quite a different class than in Diablo II, Blizzard's other example of this class. In Diablo II, my paladin could dump nearly as much whupass as a Barb could. Zeal+Fanatacism Aura=5 hits with one attack/300ish% attack speed/+++dmg%=FTW. AND, it was easy as hell to swap around auras and buff/heal your party. In Wow, this is a lot different. A paladin is 'supposed' to be able to heal and give out some pain equally well, and the way the class is now, it just doesn't happen. The two paths open to pallies are very very opposed to each other in terms of availability. To be able to DPS well as a pally, you have to build your whole Talent Tree, gear, etc. around proccing, and even then trust to luck and 'random number generators.' But to heal, it's much simpler. There are talents to ensure procs on heals, things like that. Me personally, I'm a healadin and oft can burn most of the other healers in a raid, but that's just because I like healing. I know plenty of pallies that go the other way around, maxing out their Ret trees and trying to do some damage, and that's what I did while I was leveling. Yeah, I'll give ya that if someone ONLY wants to output DPS, he should have rolled a warrior or a rogue. But the people that really know what they're doing with a pally, and enjoy the class, are not meaning that they're wanting to be rogues in plate; I think the point is that it would be nice if there was more equality between the two opposite ways we can go.

Patch 1.12: PTR and Patch Notes {WoW}

Jul 15th 2006 2:46AM [QUOTE]Mini Diablo however has escaped this fate
and will continue to be referred to as a Minion.[/QUOTE]

Hell ya!

And I like the idea of the new floating combat text - built into the UI now, so that I can delete my addons which are just aggravating to tweak. Of course, knowing Blizzard, once I delete my customized UI's, I will realize that the floating text actually sucks, and then I'll have to DL the addon again. :P

And I never knew there was a Jom Gabbar. I get the joke, devs - even if no one else ever does.

Draenei Lore Update {WoW}

May 15th 2006 6:15PM Obviously Blizz has a ton of crud on the brain what with the expansion and all, but you'd think that there'd be at least one or two or more people whose job it is to review previously established canon, or at the VERY least someone who would remember what they had already made. A tad disappointing to my mind.