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Know Your Lore: Azshara {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2007 2:37AM I'm totally jacked thinking about Azshara coming into play - it's so funny you wrote this article, I've been thinking about Azshara lately and the day when Blizz finally cranks out an expansion fighting the REAL enemies of everyone on Azeroth: The Old Gods. There's a specific scene at the end of the Sundering where Azshara feels the call of something Ancient and powerful as the Well of Eternity is being destroyed - the source of that voice? The Old Gods. Possibly specifically the Old God of water, whose corporeal counterpart is Neptulon. Anyway, the point? Perhaps after WotLK, maybe with one in between, there will finally be an Old Gods expansion, and the Maelstrom will open up, and by some magical deus ex machina, players will be allowed to breathe underwater and go to Nazjatar to fight Azshara and all her serpentine nasties.
I could bust a nut just thinking about it.