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Dev Watercooler: Mists of Pandaria looting explained {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 7:27PM No, you're not. I have had far more positive experiences trading loot in LFR than negative ones. I think the big difference is simply attitude. That guy won, I lost. If I cuss him out, I never get the loot he's already wearing. So I ask nicely. That thing my mother always told me to do. Well, turns out she was right and people are much friendlier if you ask nicely!

And maybe I was skimming, but did it say that other people int he new loot system would know who got loot? If so, why the hell would they need that information? And if not, why can't I trade the legs I just got for the 5th time, since there is absolutely zero pressure on me to even reveal that I got them?

New Sunwell details from Swedish mag Level {WoW}

Dec 24th 2007 3:44AM Casuals are getting new 5-man content and dailies. Casuals are the majority of the player base and have been getting progressively more attention as Blizzard realizes where the majority of the money comes from. Currently there are badge rewards that are on par or better than T4. Soon there will be badge rewards that are better than T5 and I'm certain when WotLK launches there will be badge rewards on par with T6. Yes, they require a lot of runs to get that many badges. It takes a lot of raid runs to get your tier pieces and you don't get to pick the items that drop. Casuals who complain that they can't get purpz are either not good enough to do heroics, or don't care. Those new badge rewards are easily good enough to fill the difficulty gap between KZ and ZA. Fortunately, KZ gives an incredible amount of badges! So casual raid guilds can do the 10-mans and heroics and still get excellent gear, really nothing to complain about.

The thing that raid instances does do is keep people who would 'finish' the game interested in continuing their subscriptions. Blizzard has found a way to reward both hardcore and casual players. Still there will be people who complain that they aren't being given anything. If you want to see end-game raiding, join a raiding guild. If you don't, or are happy with your friends, get over it. Getting steamed at Blizzard for providing content to everyone and not focusing on casuals is dumb. Relax! Your blood pressure will thank you! Blizzard has had to reconsider their focus because of the casuals, which I consider a good thing. I don't raid every night and I like that there's something other than raiding to do on those off nights that's worth doing. Heroics weren't worth doing because the badge rewards were not nearly as good as KZ loot. Now many are better than KZ and T4 and heroics are worth doing all the time.

Casuals have gotten more and more. I expect Blizzard will continue to cater to casuals because that's who the majority of their subscribers are. So either chill and ride it out, or cancel your subscription and come back in 6 months when there's more casual content.