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The Five Stages of Server Shutdown {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2006 2:44PM Oh, please don't bring up Server shutdowns in BWL. ~_~ Scammed my Shadow Wing Focus Staff from me. But we came back and killed Flamegor, Chromaggus, and (Finally!) Nefarion.

Breakfast Topic: Romance and WoW? {WoW}

Jun 27th 2006 1:36PM My guild is up to Nefarion on Khadgar (18% last night...I think we can do it this week.) and I still find time for my girlfriend. What helps is that she's played FFXI and iRO and some others, but not WoW yet. So she knows that these games can be quite fun and quite time consuming. But I find time for her, as we raid from 5:30-9, and most of the fun things on the town are after 9 anyway. ;)

Emergency Maintenance {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2006 12:12PM We were pulling a Death Talon Overseeer pack before Ebonroc when our server went a little like this.
[SERVER] Shutdown in: 15:00
[Raid][Andarial]: WTF?
[SERVER] Shutdown in : 00:30.
This was five seconds after the 15:00. And now we have to pull that pack, which is one of the hardest BWL packs, again in about 5 hours. ._.