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3-man group conquers Molten Core {WoW}

Dec 29th 2007 1:53AM Right, I was the priest in that group, and I assure you we exist, play on Arathor-EU and are, in fact, real.

Here's a few links to reassure you:

- My armory profile (incidentally, a search for "Auralie" on results with me as the most relevant result - perhaps you were looking on the US version?):

- The warrior's armory profile:

- The druid's armory profile:

Furthermore, here's another screenshot midway through Ragnaros:


We also 3-manned Razorgore yesterday night, so here are 2 more screenshots:


(hosting images on imageshack is probably not the most brilliant idea I ever had, but I haven't got any alternatives available atm and it's a bit too late at night to research what alternative means of free image hosting are available)

And in response to somebody else's comment above that there were 4 people in the raid for Rag's kill, the 4th was our warrior's hunter alt, on whom he switched for certain trash mobs. Similarly, the mage present on some of the screenshots in the original livejournal post made by our druid is an alt of said druid. It was actually described in the write-up, too.

Anyway, you're more than welcome to log on Arathor and talk to me, just if you want additional details on the tactics we used, to confirm my existence or that I am who I claim to be. Bonus points if you have any ideas on 3-manning Vael, because we're a bit stuck right now.