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Breakfast Topic: Last word on Ron Paul in Azeroth {WoW}

Jan 5th 2008 11:02AM Well I think personnaly that Politics have just put the last stone to what they really are: A GAME!!! (could not have discredit politics better than by doing just that, pushing it in teen RP game...)

Next month: Diet non trans Fat recipes will give fitter buffs...

All the World's a Stage: The past, present and future of roleplaying {WoW}

Dec 31st 2007 5:43PM Yes there are such realms as RPPVP. I even remember that RPers where asking for this since the beginnings of WoW, so to enjoy PVP with a set of rules allowing RP.
I was in fact one of the first to reroll on such a server (Emerald Dream) on its first day. So exited...
The newbie zone sounded RP enough (and yes with some "RP nazi" but honestly I prefer them to their immature counterpart). And for a while it was good, even accouters with the other faction had that special something...
But inevitably, as the population grew, 2 years down the road, well, let's just say the TRADE channel is just a big Chuck Norris advertisement channel, don't even get me started on GENERAL...

I’ am in fact very concerned about the IQ of the new player population down here, seriously, something is wrong with those guys. We are not there to devise on Freud, I get it, but peewee and pooh chat, I mean it is a "Teen" rated game right, aren't we suppose to stop the pooh talk around 6 or 7 years old?

Anyway, only thing I could do to try and keep the RP spirit around the realms was to put together a site dedicated to the story tellers of Azeroth, absolutely not realm oriented, everyone can produce there a journal, diary, story, fan-fiction or just put their RP profile together to share with guildies and such. Who knows, maybe that special diary, out of character or not will one day open some minds ;-)

That’s my little 2 cents for the cause. In game, now, I just want to play peacefully, I'am not one to police things, no fun in that... And what's the point of playing without fun?