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Name one thing you'd change about your class {WoW}

Dec 8th 2008 8:27PM AMEN Brother! Druids shouldn't have to wear cloth.

World of WarCrafts: Crochet Boomkin {WoW}

Nov 28th 2008 9:36AM Boomkin FTW.... You know what would be even cuter would be for it to have 3 little treant pets.

Warner's $400 mil payoff rumor rides again {Engadget HD}

Feb 23rd 2008 3:25PM Did I say the HD-DVD prices were lowered...No I didn't. Look at the date of the article. If a decision was being made to lower the prices then it probably would have been announced at CES. Guess what happened right before the announcement...HD-DVD's world crumbled. Warner had seen enough and knew what side it wanted to be on... the side that would make it more profit.

As for Warner still selling HD-DVD's. Warner will gladly keep on selling HD-DVD as long as they can profit from it. What company wouldn't do that.

Warner's $400 mil payoff rumor rides again {Engadget HD}

Feb 23rd 2008 2:59PM Toshiba could pressure the prices lower by lowering its royalty cost. When HD-DVD prices would go lower Blu-Ray would have to match to save some face. Therefore either the Blu-ray association royalty or the movie companies profit would shrink. This was a dangerous first step in a price war where the consumer would benefit, but the movie studios would lose out on profit... follow the money as the saying goes.

Just like when everybody switched from VHS to DVD, the movie companies stand to make billions as everybody re-buys their movie collections. Since this new HDM disk is such higher quality it deserves a premium price. This premium price is pure profit for the studios... don't mess with that profit.

Warner's $400 mil payoff rumor rides again {Engadget HD}

Feb 23rd 2008 1:34PM What really happened is this..
Toshiba was starting to push for lower HD-DVD prices. This new HDM disk war was lost then. Warner Bros. and all the studios were not going to let lower prices happen so soon. The new HDM disks are a potential new cash cow for them and they are banking on everyone wanting to switch over all their movies from DVD to the newest HDM disk, whatever it is. By keeping the disk price so high that allows for greater profit taking. Start lowering the disk prices so soon...less profit from all the early adopters whom are usually not price sensitive.

Ask Engadget HD: How do I get more HD programming on my Mac? {Engadget HD}

Jan 2nd 2008 8:43PM When using TivoDecodeManager I am able to download mpeg-2 native files. Files end up being like they were as they were saved on Tivo, so make sure to record with high settings. I end up with 3 GB files for 30 minute shows. This takes a while to download, but the quality is worth it.

I have read that if you use TivoToGo, you get compressed recordings. According to what I have read on the Tivo Community Forums that the version of TivoToGo for Mac that comes with Toast compresses video by default, but this default compression can be changed.

Ask Engadget HD: How do I get more HD programming on my Mac? {Engadget HD}

Jan 2nd 2008 1:45PM I have a Tivo HD that I use to get cable TV shows onto my PowerMac G5. Just Use TivoDecode Manager to grab the show off the Tivo and decode it into iTunes. If you want to be really picky, save the show as mpeg2 and use iSquint to send to iTunes.